How To Switch Your Style Completely

How To Switch Your Style Completely

From time to time, you may decide to switch up your style. There are many reasons as to why you may do this. First and foremost, you may find your current wardrobe to be a little dull, and perhaps you want to embrace something new. After all, style is not a static and boring ‘must,’ but something we can engage with and appreciate each and every day.

It might be that you wish to capture clothes you used to wear to help you bring back nostalgia to the modern day. Or perhaps you are undergoing a large life change such as coming down from a pregnancy, and you wish to start using your renewed dressing freedom to enjoy a new wardrobe entirely. The secret of switching up to a brand new style is that often, with the right efforts, it could take a lot less than you might realize. You don’t need to fork over thousands for a new wardrobe, just a few choiced items and new approach to how you style yourself.

Let us translate this sentiment into the following advice:

Try From The Top Down

There’s no reason to completely shift your wardrobe to begin with. Sometimes changing how you groom yourself, how your hair is styled or died, and how you apply your makeup can help you feel more confident. Then, with this new style in place, you can start to select the clothes you desire. It might be you wish to dress in darker and more elegant clothes such as a beautiful tiered tulle skirt. You may wish to start giving higher boots a go, or perhaps wear dresses you would have never considered for you. With this effort of ‘trying from the top down,’ you can consider how your style might look in a complete sense, rather than adding parts here and there to come to a somewhat mixed approach.

Take Inspiration From Style Guides

Style guides, lookbooks and YouTube fashion guides can all be so worthwhile and useful. Primarily because they are there to show you how wonderful you can look if you consider how you might dress from outfit to outfit. But it’s not the specifics of certain outfits that often make the most difference. It’s how colors merge together, how textures can speak a language, and how certain methods of wearing the same garment can help you add your own little pizzazz. For that, style guides can be a big helper.

Go With Your Heart

Anyone who appreciates fashion likely knows they have an affinity for a certain style, but would never try it because they may not ‘suit it,’ or ‘fit in.’ But of course, like anything in life, you’ll only know if it’s for you when you give it a go. It might be you want to accessorize in a certain way, follow a trend or get a certain piercing. Simply jumping into the deep end and seeing how you go can be as good a pursuit as any. Remember, fashion isn’t permanent. You can always switch up what you don’t like, and follow what you do.

With these tips, we hope your styling efforts are nothing if not enjoyable.

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