How To Start A Professional Blog

How to start a professional blog

Blogging has changed many individuals lives, including mine! It has opened doors and opportunities I would have never experienced otherwise. From working with brands such as Google, to attending NYFW, I am so amazing how much this platfrom has added to my life. I want to share with you what I have learned, in hopes that you can achieve whatever goals you have as well.

How to start a professional blog

Today I am sharing exactly how I began blogging and the necessary steps to create a blog from scratch. While there are many ways to start a blog, I am sharing the companies I truly trust and have used for years. Plus it is one of the most affordable ways to begin blogging. It will only take you a few hours and these three easy steps! Even for those who aren’t computer savvy (like how I was at the beginning), this will be simple. Are you ready?!

Step 1: Buy Hosting and Your Domain

If you want to build a professional blog, self-hosting is a must. Why? When you self-host you own all creative property you publish (content, images, ad space). This is huge! No one else can take credit for your hard work. It also gives you full rights to place ads on your site.

I highly recommend Hostgator’s web hosting hatchling plan. It is only $3.95 a month! If you think you’ll have more than two domains, then the baby plan at $5.95 a month is also great. I have been using Hostgator for close to 5 years now and loved every minute of it. The prices are really affordable, they are secure, and the customer service is quick. I tried Bluehost and really disliked the experience. The moment after signing up for Bluehost, I was informed my sight was not secure and I needed to spend an additional $150 to secure the platform. I also had a really hard time editing the site the way I wanted. For those reasons, I only use Hostgator. But everyone has a different experience! Go with what you trust.

Through Hostgator, you can even purchase or transfer your domain . It is roughly $13 to register your domain and $8 to transfer. That’s one payment that covers the entire year! Making step one super easy to complete!

Step 2: Downloading WordPress

Once you have your space and name (hosting and domain), it is time to set up your home (web platform). Again, there are many platforms to choose from, I highly recommend WordPress. WordPress blogs typically look more professional and have more editing and format options. Most developers for apps, themes, affiliate links actually create WordPress options first before other platform options. Which is why there are more options for WordPress users.

The great news is, installation is a click of a button! Once inside your Hostgator Control Panel, you’ll see a button saying “Install WordPress”. Just click and you are done! Ps, it is free since you are paying for hosting. Double bonus.

Step 3: Design Time

This step will take the longest because it often takes time to set up the webpage exactly the way you want it. I didn’t know any coding when I began and was able to figure out how to design my own website, so don’t panic! My biggest tip is to buy a design package you can install easily. Or use a free template until you know exactly what kind of design you are looking for. I bought this current theme from cssigniter. I love how clean and beautiful the theme is, plus it is responsive (meaning it adjusts depending on the screen size).

Congratulations!! You now have a fully running blog. Next part is adding content for readers to view. If you like this post and found it helpful, please share! It will help me continue to provide helpful and useful content just like this for other entrepreneurs. You can also subscribe below to make sure you get the next blog installment sent directly to your inbox! This is a completely separate newsletter that will only send out info regarding blogging. The next topic: Why Niche Blogs Are More Successful (Aka What To Write About).