How To Run Your Blog While Away From Your Desk

How To Run Your Blog While Away From Your Desk

Whether you started a blog before you went off on your travels, or you’ve recently been meeting a lot of different people who could help your business out at your local coffee shop, you’re in need of some ways to keep an eye on your blog. It’s the crux of your company, after all, and it’s been the foundation of your business for a long time now!

Here’s to making sure you still have full access over your blog and all of its functionality while you’re away from your desk. You might just come up with a little inspiration here, and give yourself a little more flexibility in your job.

How To Run Your Blog While Away From Your Desk

Notebooks and pens are all well and good, but it can take a while to finally sketch out your next blog post using them! (Source)

Know Your Timings

If you’re running a blog, then you hopefully have a content schedule. A good content schedule keeps you on the straight and narrow, making sure you create and publish once or twice a week, or helps you keep the demanding pace of publishing every day. Aside from that, you know when you need to upload new pieces to your website, to make sure people have a regular flow of content from you, and you know when the best times to upload are. After all, hitting the traffic when it’s at its max flow is more useful online than when you’re trying to get home from work!

So if you’re someone who’s away from your desk a lot, keep this idea in mind. Make a little note in your phone or your tablet that always goes around with you about the best times to post links on places like Instagram or Facebook. You can even find out when the best time to update your personal blog with a little bit of Googling.

Get Yourself A Software Suite

Following on from the point above, the whole purpose of technology is to make life a little more convenient! And when you work online, you’ve got the whole technological world at your fingertips, in the way no other sector has. Which means you have a much better chance at timing your posts correctly, whenever you need them, because you can invest in some kind of software suite that keeps all of your data and devices connected.

Say you’re away from your desk for a couple of hours longer than you hoped to be, trying to impress an investor or at a networking conference. Retreat away from the conversation, take out your phone, then simply log in to an app that allows you document access whenever, wherever! Something like might be worth a look for reasons like this, especially if you’re someone who’s often underestimating the time you need to complete a job. It’s quite common for freelancers especially to do this!

You’re a busy person, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the quality your readers have come to expect!

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