How To Recharge On Your Holiday

How To Recharge On Your Holiday

Taking a holiday is often a brilliant opportunity to travel and explore new places. But what if you took a different approach? Instead of going abroad to immerse yourself in something completely different, what if you took some time to get to know yourself?

Sometimes, taking a break means just that. We all need time to remember who we are, to sort out the filing system in our brains, and actually relax for more than 5 minutes without checking our phones.

Retreat Holidays

Going on a retreat doesn’t appeal to everyone but there are all kinds of retreats you might like to try. Yoga retreats are quite popular as they promote spiritual well being as well as a chance to perfect your downward dog. Taking some time out to meditate and make new friends is a lovely way to spend a week.

A spa retreat is another popular option and hotels such as brings the everyday running of a farm to enrich your experience. Wandering along rows of lavender before taking a dip in the pool is definitely the right kind of environment to chill out and do a digital detox. There’s something about getting back to nature that just makes things better.

Finally, writing retreats are also really popular. Again, you don’t have to be a professional writer to join in, though it does help if you have a particular aim in mind. In many cases, writing retreats offer a mixture of structured workshops and free time for writing as well as a sense of camaraderie. So, if you’ve got a novel coming on and you just can’t quite find the right words, this could be the sort of recharging holiday you need.


If you don’t have a particular agenda, a staycation might be a good option for you. We are almost programmed to believe that we should go abroad when we have time off but the reality is that this is often a very expensive way to get a well-deserved lie-in. And we all know that your bed is the most comfortable anyway.

Becoming a tourist in your own city is a fun way to explore your home and surroundings in a way you wouldn’t usually. Because we all get caught up in the everyday, we forget that other people love to visit our home cities. Treat yourself to trying a different cafe each day and go into the museums you walk past. You will be amazed by how new everything looks and what you can learn about your city.

If you have ever wondered about traveling solo, this could be a gentle way to introduce yourself to the idea. Check into a hotel either in your own city or a city nearby and see what happens. If you have a brilliant time, you might like to try going abroad next time, if not, then it’s no bother to go home again.

Though going on holiday is a chance to explore, sometimes, what you really need is some time to yourself. And that is just as valuable an experience as traveling the world.


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