How To Maximize Marketing For Your Blog Or Small Business

How To Maximize Marketing For Your Blog Or Small Business

Marketing is one of those key concepts to understand if you own any kind of business, including a blog. It is an essential component to growth and success. IMC is probably the most powerful marketing concepts to utilize. If you are unfamiliar with IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications), in 1989 the American Association of Advertising Agencies defined it as, “an approach to achieving objectives of a marketing campaign, through a well-coordinated use of different promotional methods intended to reinforce each other.” That’s a wordy explanation of a simple concept – to bring together all of your advertising, marketing, PR, promotions, branding and to work towards a common goal at the same time.

A full IMC campaign is expensive. If you think of companies who already work hard on this type of media attack, the real IMC masters, what comes to mind first are big brands such as Coca-cola, McDonald’s, and Nike. However, even if you don’t have the bank accounts or budget as these big brands, you can still benefit from the principle behind this particular communications technique. Start small and understand you won’t see your dream results overnight. It takes time, dedication, energy, and resources. Putting together a fully integrated marketing plan is a BIG task, but well worth it. Keep reading.

Where To Start

If you want to start on an integrated marketing plan for your business, a great place to start is to ask yourself these questions:

What are the primary business goals you want to achieve?

Prioritize those goals and keep that hierarchy in place when working on your marketing. Set realistic deadlines for you to reach your goals and make them measurable. Start with small goals and work your way up to bigger ones.

What is the primary focus of your business? 

Having a focus can help in strengthening the effectiveness of your marketing channels and keep you on the right path. This should not be confused with your goals.

Rate Your Research

Defining your target demographic is essential. Even more critical is research in helping you create such definitions. For some companies in a niche or B2B market, this is easy. No matter what type of business you are in, you should still identify a target audience for whom you will direct and market your messaging. The more specific you can get with your targeting, the more efficient your marketing will be.

Where do you currently stand?

Do an analysis of your present place within the market. Review your past and current attempts, deciding which strategies and tactics succeeded and which didn’t. Look at some of your top rivals in the market. What have they done that seems to have worked well? Upon learning this, look at where you stand in comparison?

Whether the news on ranking is good or bad, use it as the tool to help improve your marketing in the right direction.

Last Step

Taking a look at all this information is a perfect place to start. It will help you begin to look at the bigger picture and eliminate strategies not appropriate for you’re goals, audience, or business. Which saves you a lot of money in the long run.

Next, determine your budget and media outlets that your target audience use. Finally, create a plan of action to integrate your campaign and execute it. With determination and hard work, utilizing this technique could help your business thrive.


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