How to End the Year With A Clear Mind and Set Intentions

How to End the Year With A Clear Mind and Set Intentions

Hi, my lovely readers! I wanted to sit down and write a more personal post about how to end the year with a clear mind and set intentions. I often enjoy this time of the year to reflect on all that was accomplished in the last 365 days, where I can improve, what I still want to achieve, and ways to overall become a better version of myself.

To begin, I often carve a full day out of my schedule to fully relax and prepare my mind to set intentions for the next year. I don’t know about you, but it takes my body a full 24 hours to let down from the hustle and bustle. I have a ritual that really preps my body and soul to review the year receive abundance in the year to come. Keep reading to find out how to end the year with a clear mind and set intentions.

Clearing Space and Making Room

Like I mentioned above, it takes a lot of time for me to prepare myself mentally for the next chapter, level, adventure, or any type of abundance. I begin by carving out a day to be alone and have the space to reflect. I then look at what needs to get done to allow myself to be distraction free. This often means paying bills, finishing last minute projects, responding to emails, and lastly cleaning. I find organizing and deep cleaning my apartment really helps in beginning the process of letting go. By moving my body and doing an activity that is pretty low stress, it allows my mind to release any anxieties, resentments or fears I am holding onto. I allow those thoughts to come up and mentally work through them to let go while I am physically clear my space. It may not be for everyone, but I find cleaning to be very therapeutic. If there is something that involves moving your body and allowing your mind to unwind, I highly recommend doing that specific activity before entering into the next step.

Reflecting And Rejoicing

Once all the distractions are gone, all the clutter is picked up and placed away (mentally and physically), it is time to sit down and really go over all that you accomplished in this past year. Feel free to have a cup of tea or coffee while going through this process. Light candles if you really wish! Take as long as you need to celebrate your accomplishments. Feel good about yourself, and smile on the inside and out on what you were able to do. It is incredible what you have accomplished this year! A lot of hard work and dedication went into achieving those goals, be proud! Know that by being able to achieve these goals, you’re more than capable of achieving anything else you set out to do.

Journaling Goals

Often when reflecting on the year, it is natural to think about areas you want to grow or accomplish more in. Write down all those intentions on a piece of paper. It may be traveling in the new year, spend more time with loved ones, grow your business by X amount. Whatever it is, write it down and be as specific as possible. There truly is a power of writing down your goals, dreams, and intentions.

Meditating on Intentions 

This is a big trick! When you have those goals and intentions in mind, envision what it would feel like to accomplish them. Close your eyes and feel what it is like to live in your healthiest body. Imagine walking on the beaches of Dubai. Cultivate that feeling of marrying your best friend and soulmate. Live out the excitement of work with your dream brand or team.

Whatever you have written down, imagine what that will feel like when it happens. Get that feeling and excitement deep down inside of you. Then mentally let go and open your eyes. You don’t need to search for it, or look for signs, just know whatever you meditated on will happen. You can live the life you want. Meditate on these intentions as often as you like!

I hope this guide on how to end the year with a clear mind and set intentions helps as you prepare for your next chapter! Sending you all so many blessings for 2018! Feel free to check in with me on Instagram about what you’re seeking in 2018.

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