How To Dress Your Body With Love & Respect

I truly believe there are so many fashion blogs because styling and dressing is a common issue we all face. What looks flattering, how to match certain pieces, what do we desperately need tailored or tossed out? These are the questions we all have had at some point. Today, I am diving in on common fashion issues and how to dress your body with love and respect. I love the quotes, “When we look our bests, we feel our bests. When we feel our bests, we are paid our best.” It’s incredibly interesting how others treat us when we take care of our outer appearance and shower ourselves love and respect.

Common Mistakes

Let’s begin with common mistakes. These are simple adjustments that can be done to elevate our style and appreciation for our bodies.

For starters, fit is super important. Forget about the tag and size number, if the garment doesn’t fit you perfectly it’s not your size. Meaning if it is too snug in certain areas, you feel uncomfortable, are constantly adjusting it in the mirror, or are swimming in fabric, it means it’s not the right fit. If the matter is length in sleeves or pants, and you have an excellent tailor, then it’s easy to fix. But if it’s a matter or letting fabric out around the bust, or taking in the waist, it becomes more complicated and often doesn’t get resolved. Instead find a garment that makes you feel incredible from the moment you put it on.

Wearing old worn out clothes is another common mistake. There are pieces we love so much that we wear them to the bone. However, wearing clothes with holes, stains, or that are stretched out and faded is not a good look. It’s also not respecting our beautiful bodies by clothing them in tattered garments. These are the pieces that need to be tossed out or if they have sentimental meaning, stored somewhere safe.

Cheap clothing is also a tempting mistake most of us have made at some point. The price is almost too good to be true, how can we pass up the fast fashion trend? The problem is, wearing only budget clothing does show and cheapens the entire look. I know, this isn’t PC to say, but it is the truth. Compare an entire look composed of budget fashion to a look that mixes high and low end designers, and you’ll see a huge difference. Plus, you are worthy of investing in high end pieces! Instead of buying 20 budget pieces, buy one nice piece that will last longer and look better.

Other common mistakes include:

  • Dressing too trendy. It’s fun to play with trends, but it’s not necessary to follow each one especially if it doesn’t fit your body type
  • Not properly caring for each garment. Shrinking pieces, having them stretch, not properly cleaning can result in looking a bit sloppy. Dry clean the pieces that say dry clean, and wash other delicate numbers on a cold setting.
  • Wearing head to toe designer. If there are too many logos in one look, it can become overwhelming.
  • Having the clothes wear you, not you wearing the clothes. Each piece should accentuate your true beauty, not become the main focal point that washes you out.
  • Being afraid of colors. Wearing muted and earth tones are great, but don’t be afraid to try a pop of color. Fashion is meant to be fun.
Dressing For Your Body Type

This is a huge topic that is so important when it comes to dressing your body with love and respect. Knowing which pieces are flattering on your figure is key! There are certain styles that I don’t touch because it doesn’t do anything for my body. Yes, it might be trendy, yes it might be a cute look, but if it doesn’t make me feel my absolute best, then it’s not worth wearing.

Here is a trick, try on several different styles and cuts to see what works best for you. What makes you feel your best, what is comfortable, what is simple to throw on and nothing has to be altered. Take a day to go out and try on different brands and styles until you find a handful of matches. These will ultimately become your go-tos. Taking the time out now will help you in the long run, especially crunch time for a specific formal look or date option.

Short take away:

  • If you are curvy, don’t be afraid to try clothing that hugs the body. You might be surprised how flattering these pieces are on you.
  • Highlight the favorite parts of who you are! If you love your legs, then highlight those and keep it covered on top. Vice versa. Lead with what makes you feel the most confident!
  • Play around with different waists. For pants, (some skirts and dresses) you have the option of a natural waist, low waist, high waist, and empire waist. See which one creates the most flattering silhouette for you.
  • Add belts to sweater dresses, blazers, or coats to cinch the waist line.
  • Experiment with different brands and designers to find the perfect fit for you! Each brand and designer use different patterns and cut their garments differently. Meaning some will work better than others. Try Rent The Runway to experiment with a handful of new designers that may end up being your ultimate go to.
Why Is All Of This Important?

How is dressing well a part of respecting our body and expressing self love? Simple, how we treat ourselves inside is reflected on how we carry ourselves on the outside. Being proud of what we are wearing and how we look isn’t selfish or self centered, it’s a form of respect to whomever we are meeting and towards ourselves. It shows we care. Investing in nice clothing and in pieces that flatter our figures is the first thing people notice when we walk into a room. Plus, it also makes us feel better, more confident, and poised. So yes, how we dress ourselves truly matters and we are worth it!

Question Of The Day

What is one item that you put on that makes you feel confident and radiant? Let me know in the comments below!

How to dress your body with love and respect. Closet Cleanse


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