How To Deal With Change

First, I want to thank all the lovely comments and support while I have been away! I apologize it has been pretty quiet on the blog front last week. While some may know, I have been going through a lot of changes and it finally all hit last week. Since I begrudgingly admit I am human and the very normal feelings of fear, sadness, anxiety, and anger began to creep in- I decided to step away and take care of myself while finding my footing again.

While I just moved (which is a big milestone in itself) I also have been going through some massive personal changes. I won’t dive into it because I don’t want to hurt anyone else involved, but it really reminded me of what I would do when I faced these momentous points in life.

dealing with change in a healthy way

While today isn’t a fashion post, hang in there, I will have those soon enough. Instead, I want to share certain really HEALTHY steps I choose to combat the human feelings of fear, anxiety or feeling overwhelmed. While feeling feelings are crucial, constantly living in fear or sadness is not. This is what I found works for me.

Staying Present

I know this sounds completely the opposite of what you want to do when presented with a painful or anxiety-provoking news. But honestly, I find so much peace and happiness when I tap into what I am doing at the current moment. Not thinking of the future nor the past, just right now. I realize everything is really good in the present moment. I am with people I love, or working on a dream, or getting to live in this crazy city called New York. All of which puts a smile on my face and a skip in my step.

Lots and Lots of Self-Care

Pamper the heck out of yourself. That means spa treatments, going out to dinners with friends, watching your favorite shows, cooking your favorite meals. Do what you really really love. It adds that sense of happiness, familiarity, and comfort to the process.

Be Gentle on Yourself

Paired with self-care, be really easy on yourself. More than likely what you are facing during a move, a breakup, career change or losing a loved one- is emotionally exhausting! Not everything is going to get done right away, not everything needs to get done right away. For me, I cannot beat up on myself if I forget to go to the gym or am late with assignments during these momentous times. It is also okay to take time off to really reflect and heal. Which brings me to my next tip.


Whenever I am faced with a BIG change, I tend to have some BIG revelations. Writing helps me to understand what I am learning through this big process. Typically, change disrupts the way I see life and how I have approached certain situations up to that point. For instance, when my Grandma passed years ago, I realized life is too short for a typical 9-5 job that I am miserable in. This round of changes has helped me see the bigger picture and where I want to go! How has the change in your life changed your perspective?

Music Breaks

When all else fails, my number one go-to is putting on some good music and having a dance party. This instantly lifts my spirits and makes me smile.

I hope this helps! Thanks again for being the most awesome readers and friends a girl could ask for. I appreciate you!  At the end of the day, this is a really exciting amazing time for me and I cannot wait to share the next chapter of this journey.


  1. These are good tips! It can be tricky staying in the moment and not worrying about the future sometimes, but it really pays off when we do. Hope the changes bring nothing but good things for you! 🙂

    Hope you’re having a great week 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. Change in a healthy way, such a good thing to do. What’s even better is when people notice you changing and decide to do it with you. You are the positivity, the inspiration, the catalyst.

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