How To Create Balance During Chaos

How To Create Balance During Chaos

It’s that time of year where the holidays are insight and the schedule is jammed packed. For those in school, I know exams, presentations, reports are coming up. For those who work 9-5 jobs, I know it is crunch time to make the most of the 4th quarter. And I know for anyone who is reading this, tons of holiday parties, family time, and dinners are about to commence. The pressure of fitting everything in, budgeting it all out, and having a moment to yourself is a lot of work. Throw in a few relatives you rather not see, and it becomes a tad overwhelming.

For me personally, my schedule is packed to the brim and not looking to lighten up anytime soon. The startup I am working with is about to launch to the public (ekk, super excited for you guys to try it out)! Holiday invites are already coming in, and I am gearing up to bring the best of the best Holiday content for all of you! When I am faced with time crunches like these, I often see where I can clear scale back or if there are commitments that can be placed on the back burner. When that isn’t even a solution, this is how I create balance during chaos!

Slow Down And Enjoy The Moment

When there really is nothing I can do to lift the pressure of the heavy schedule, I surrender and enjoy what’s in front of me. That means enjoy each meeting I take, enjoy writing, enjoy the party, enjoy the photoshoot, enjoy responding to emails… You get it. I really force myself to slow down and not worry about the next thing on my list and force myself to be grateful and happy with what is happening right now. It sounds weird to force yourself to be happy, but sometimes that exactly what I do! I force myself to change the perspective on the situation. I also make sure if I have breaks between events or meetings or tasks, I do something I really love. Like taking a moment to sit and have a coffee. Or walk through Manhattan instead of taking a train. I try to not rush.

Put Down The Phone

Similarly to slowing down and enjoying the moment, at night I put my phone away. Sometimes I don’t even have any electronics going and relish the fact I am home in bed relaxing (which is probably what I wanted to do all day). I take the pressure off of having to respond to emails, text messages or calls at night. I had enough pressure during the day, at night- that’s my time.

Do Something Nice For Yourself

Spend $20 on yourself. It is so simple and affordable, yet makes a world of a difference. It could be a mani-pedi or a new notebook to journal in. It could be a ticket to the movies and popcorn. Whatever makes your heart flutter. I love this small boutique near me and they have great journals and accessories that are beautiful. That small walk into town to pick up a cute notebook is all I needed to be kind to myself.

Don’t Add To The Chaos

It is so easy to beat ourselves up during high-pressure times. By saying, I am not doing enough, good enough, or performing well enough. Take those sayings and throw them out the window. It is only adding to the chaos. Instead be gentle on yourself. I often find myself too tired to go to the gym during really long days. If I am too tired to move, then why would I beat myself up for not walking a mile to the gym to work out? It makes no sense. So instead, I just let myself rest! I’ll get to the gym when I am able to go and not add more pressure on schedule. Similarly, if you committed to cooking a holiday dinner and too tired, just be kind to yourself and order in. In the big picture, it is okay to “not be perfect” a few days out of the year so that you can recharge.


I hope this helps! Let me know in the comments what you do to create balance during stressful times!


  1. This is great! I need to learn to put my phone down more. Instagram stresses me out but yet I’m on it a lot. One specific blogger is making me angry. My goal is to try to focus more on other social media outlets. It’s also a busy time in the publication business. This time of year I am usually booked with photo shoots that need to get done. I’m working very hard to stay on top of my blog and start on my holiday content soon! As soon as November hits, I’m going to start posting. I cannot wait to see the product from your start-up!

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