How To Become Wildly Optimistically In Love With Yourself

Optimistically In Love With Yourself

I mean, what a title. One lesson that I truly believe needs to be taught regularly in classrooms is how to become whole, independent, self loving, and enthusiastically kind humans. Today we are discussing just that. I am diving in to what it means to embrace yourself one hundred percent. What it looks like, feels like, and sounds like to be kind to yourself. And how to become wildly optimistically in love with who you are. So share this post if you are here to learn how to full-heatedly fall in love with yourself. Let’s begin!

Radical Self Acceptance

Have you ever heard of this term before? Radical self acceptance is the concept of completely and fully accepting who you are. The good, the bad, and the ugly. That means accepting that we aren’t perfect and that’s okay. Accepting that we are flawed, and that is beautiful. Accepting that we are human and bound to make mistakes.

Radical self acceptance is the first part in becoming fully optimistically in love with with ourselves. When we accept each part that makes us unique, special, and essentially us, we stop beating up on ourselves. We put down the baseball bat of judgment and pick up self love instead. Think of how many times we feel bad in a situation and then beat ourselves up for not handling it a certain way or not doing better? Why is it that we add to the pain with judgment and ridicule? Next time you are tempted to do this, practice radical self acceptance. Remember that you are doing the best you can and you are learning. Even throw in there that you love that you are learning and want to do better next time! Take it as far as saying out loud, “I love you and how you are trying so hard!”

Optimistically In Love With Yourself
Building Confidence and Self Worth

We previously discussed what self respect looks like, and even touched on how affirmations build confidence. Both of these aspects are great forms of self love. Seeing our true worth and value as humans helps us be kinder to ourselves. We are less likely to self sabotage, settle for less, or be in unhealthy relationships. Instead, we go for our dreams, the big goals, and know we are fully capable of anything we set our mind to.

Why not write up a pep talk you can recite each day to remember how incredible you are? It will give you the strength you need when facing obstacles. It’s also a great way to enforce your self worth and value. When we are this kind to ourselves, we can pass it on to others.

Loving Daily Actions

There is absolutely no limit on how kind you can be to yourself each day. It is limitless! When we love ourselves and take daily actions to show that, we are filled up and ready to take on the day. We are also able to spread that love and kindness to others. It is not selfish or self centered to act lovingly towards ourselves. It is necessary!

Some of my favorite ways to shower myself with love daily are with bubble baths, long walks with music, talks with friends and loved ones, cooking my favorite meals, make sure I am comfortable throughout the day, and wear my favorite pieces of clothing. The list goes on and on, but those are simple ways to love yourself daily.

When Things Go Wrong

Not everyday will be rainbows and unicorns, on those days it’s important to really take care of ourselves. That means reminding ourselves we are human and doing the best we can. It may look like removing ourselves from toxic situations. It could mean taking a break to restore our own sanity and well being. Whatever you do, don’t beat up on yourself. Go back to radical self acceptance. Sometimes that rule must be applied outwards and radically accept the situation we are in as well. Instead of internalizing it and say, “I always make mistakes, or I am the problem, or I am not good enough,” just remember life is unfair and wild for every single person on this planet. Accept the situation, surrender the results, and let it go. Turn to self care instead.

The Benefits

This is a process that will take months, years, even decades to develop and improve on. But the mere fact you are starting right now is what’s important! Radical self acceptance, building confidence, loving actions, and knowing life is happening to all of us is the best way to develop self love. By taking these actions, we become a whole person who doesn’t rely on others to fill them up. Our insecurities won’t get the best of us and we don’t need to turn to people or things to make us feel adequate. Problems are able to slide off our backs easier and our sense of stability isn’t rocked.

Question Of The Day

How do you shower yourself with self love? Let me know in the comments!


  1. These are all hard things to change. I think the radical self-acceptance is almost impossible with so many of us. About the time we start thinking something we’ve hated about ourselves isn’t really all that bad, we see through social media that it’s not really acceptable – yay social media 🙁 I think as bloggers we need to be aware when we’re posting that we can be part of the solution for others to reach self-acceptance too. Thanks so much for this inspiring post!


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