How To Be A Stand Out Blogger In A Crowded Marketplace

How To Be A Stand Out Blogger

Blogging is an unbelievable profession because you get to be the boss and decide where your future is heading. However, the competition is fierce for exactly these reasons. More and more people want the “blogging” lifestyle, which is why the market is packed. Trying to stand out from the crowd is something we all face and try to do accomplish for the mere fact it generates leads, revenue, and increase traffic. By being unique, you can expand and boost your market share. However, it can be tricky to find ways to stand out, it is often harder than it looks.

With that in mind, below are three tips on how to be a stand out blogger in a crowded marketplace.

Use Social Media and Technology

One way to increase readership and traffic is to be professional across all platforms. Expert blogs have a stellar reputation which draws in customers and clients alike. Doing it isn’t easy, especially if you’re a home-based business, yet it is possible. The way you speak to people is a clear indicator of who you are and how you are to work with. For example, social media may be informal, but being polite is still a priority. You never know who’s reading those comments. Also, the “size” of the blog adds to your reputation, which is why a virtual mailbox for your business is a savvy investment. Sites with a physical address seem bigger and, therefore, more professional. It is these little ques that make a big difference.

Interrupt The Pattern

Although millions of blogs exist, only a select few are original. It’s a sad fact at the moment. But, every cloud has a silver lining, and a lack of originality is yours. Because online users are begging for uniqueness and authenticity. Your blog could provide a different outlook or angle on a topic. The subject may be the same, but the way you address it could be innovative. For example, you may take a comedic tone when addressing what’s trending, which is engaging and interactive. Or, you may use videos and the subsequent comment sections to converse with your readers. Putting your own personality and twist into it makes it unique and interesting.

Guest Blog

Don’t assume increasing awareness means you have to focus on your blog only. In fact, a sure-fire way to create a buzz is to contribute guest posts elsewhere. Why? Because you can put out content to a new audience and pique their interest. A popular blog will already have a big base which you can penetrate. A blogger who impresses on another site will instantly be recognized and lure people across sites. Just make sure you have a digital presence. Otherwise, you and your blog will be hard to find for any interested parties.

Be Consistent

A serial killer of blogs is a lack of content. Users want to read or watch something new and engaging at least two or three times a week. That means you have to keep up with demand if you want them to stay loyal. The key is to get into a proactive routine and churn out content week after week. However, don’t forget to keep the tone of the blog consistent too. A site which contradicts itself isn’t worth reading. Consistency is rare in blogs, so it can help you stay ahead of the curve!

I hope this post helps. In the end, the best way to stand out in the blogging realm is by being authentic, consistent, and do your best. No one else is you, that’s what makes what you say and do unique!

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