How To Add A Touch Of Luxury To Your Kitchen

luxury kitchen

We all want our homes to feel a little bit more luxurious, but the truth is that we don’t need to focus on making every room in the home luxurious. Some of them just don’t need it! The ones where you’ll feel the effects of a luxurious touch are in the bedroom, bathroom, and the kitchen. In this article, we’re going to focus on the latter. Take steps to transform your kitchen, and you’ll find that cooking is no longer a chore — it’s something you’re happy to do, since you like spending time there.

Switch out the Lighting

The easiest way to take a room from ‘good’ to ‘wow’ is to simply switch out the lighting. There is an art to lighting spaces, and not a lot of people have it. If you ever wondered what gives those prime hotels their luxury feel, then wonder no more — it’s the soft, atmospheric lighting they have. In your kitchen, this will involve getting rid of any overhead lighting and adding soft lights around the edge. Under cabinet lighting is always a very effective way to transform the space.

Upgrade the Materials

Of course, upgrading the lighting won’t make much of a difference if the core of the kitchen isn’t high-quality. To give your kitchen a more luxurious touch, look at upgrading your countertops. You can find quartz countertops at, and create a stunning style in your home that’ll look just as good five years down the line as it does on the first day that it’s installed. You may also want to think about switching out your hardware, such as your refrigerator, for appliances that are more stylish. A matte black refrigerator, for example, looks much better than a standard, industrial looking one.

Luxury Kitchen

Social Spaces

What is luxury, anyway? It’s the art of living well. And is there any better thing than spending some time chatting and enjoying the company of friends and loved ones? To give your kitchen this luxury, you’ll want to add some social functionality to the room. You can do this by opening up the kitchen to be more spacious, and adding an “island” to the room. The best way to do this is to go for the whole “open plan” vibe, which may involve knocking down a wall and connecting the kitchen with the dining room.

On Display

Try as you might convince yourself, cupboards and drawers cannot be luxurious. So why not get rid of them? Well, not all of them, but some at least. It’s a much more indulgent look to have your high-quality products on display, as well as your spices in mason jars.

Deep Cleaning

Finally, remember that there’s great power in the simple act of cleaning. If you’ve spent all this time putting together a luxurious kitchen, don’t undermine it all by leaving dirt and grime to build up. Commit to deep cleaning the kitchen every couple of weeks or so, and you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of a luxury cooking area.


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