How Science And Beauty Have Become The Perfect Match

How Science And Beauty Have Become The Perfect Match

When you think about beauty and what makes you beautiful, we don’t ultimately think about science. We often think about who’s gracing the covers of the magazines. Some may even remember One Direction infamous song ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ when asked the question. But take a moment and really think about this question, “what is beauty and what makes you beautiful?” Ultimately, beauty goes beyond the externals both mentally and physically. In fact, physically, there are a lot of really interesting and cool things going on below the skin’s surface that affects our beauty.

Our greatest ally to achieve youthful and healthy looking skin is science. Yes, while some may have snoozed through those high school science lessons like Chemistry and Biology, we miss out on key lessons that could one day, alter our levels of beauty. Allow us to demonstrate this idea by highlighting a few scientific breakthroughs that are certainly impacting the face and the future of beauty.

Miss Freeze

This has nothing to do with what happens to your body after you die and is more to do with what could happen to your body right now. If you’re in your thirties or perhaps your forties, you might be starting to come to terms with the dreaded, dastardly middle age spread. There are multiple articles online that will tell you middle age spread is inevitable and impossible to resist. One minute you have a lovely figure and the next you’re swollen like a grapefruit. But they are wrong. For you see, if you know the latest advances in science then anything is possible.

This brings us to the idea of fat freezing or cryotechnology. You probably have a rather odd image in your mind right now. Perhaps of a woman lying in a laboratory as frozen areas of her body are chiselled off. However, you’ll be pleased to hear that this tech is far more sophisticated. You see, with cryo technology, you can pinpoint fat cells in the body specifically, ensuring that there are no other areas of the body damaged like muscles and organs. Fat cells don’t have to be chiselled off either. Instead, fat cells are targeted, frozen, they die and are absorbed by the body as waste. The fat leaves your body with no scars, no pain, no fuss and no exercise.

Now, there are benefits and disadvantages of this tech. Arguably the greatest disadvantage is that it is still rather expensive so you might find it’s out of your price range. Also, since fat cells waste away it still takes a few months to have an impact. But it will work wonders if you are patient.

Let’s move onto another scientific wonder that could benefit those longing to stay beautiful and youthful.

Science Behind Anti Ageing Products

Many people question the validity of anti-ageing technology and products using to stop the ageing process. This is perhaps understandable. After all, the idea of this tech is that you stop the signs of ageing before they ever appear. However, we can’t wait for scientists to start selling the drug that successfully reversed the process of cells ageing. That could take years, even decades and besides, you might be surprised to learn that there are reliable anti-ageing products that really do the trick. Some use exclusive ingredients such as Heparan Sulfate Analogue used by the cosmetic company SENTE. What is HSA? Well, rather than asking what it is, let’s look at what it is used for.

Outside of beauty and anti-ageing products, HSA is used to restore and heal scarred tissue on the body. How does it do this? The formula actually causes skin cells to regenerate, and that is why it is an effective treatment for beauty issues. New, healthy skin cells grow that replace the ones that have perhaps, lost their elasticity or indeed their colour.

Let’s move onto another scientific discovery about beauty.

Wine = Winning

This isn’t about something that you can buy in the shop to enhance your beauty per say but rather a social habit that actually makes you appear more beautiful. Yes, drinking wine will enhance your beauty, but only one glass! Research has shown that one glass of wine will make you more attractive to individuals and no, we’re not talking about drunk vision here. Interestingly, one glass of wine has fascinating effects on our body and particularly, our face. Our pupils become a little more dilated, our cheeks a tad rosy and our muscles in the face more relaxed.

As such, if you want to be a little more beautiful on a night out we can actually recommend that you do drink. However, this can not be stressed enough, you should only have one glass. Anything more and perception seems to take a nosedive, according to the research. Speaking of interesting scientific findings in beauty…

Exercise Makes You Younger

If you’ve been looking for a reason to get off the couch, this could be it. When you exercise, you reverse the impact that ageing has on the cells in your body. No, it won’t quite turn the hands on the clock back twenty years. But it could have a solid impact on the way you look and how you feel about your looks and be happier with the person staring back at you in the mirror.

The trick is not to do overdo it, particularly if you are already approaching middle age. Too much exercise may also have a negative impact on your body and your beauty.

We hope you see now that learning more about science really is beneficial if you want to improve your level of beauty. At the very least, it’s interesting to discover what is actually behind those anti-ageing creams and concealer that we invest so much in. It will be fascinating to discover how science impacts beauty and indeed cosmetics over the next few years.

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