How I moved on $65 and Made $895.16 In The Process

how i moved

Well hello again dear friends! Today’s post is not super glamorous by any means, but hopeful helpful. I am sharing how I managed to move my studio apartment into storage on $64 and in the process made close to $900. If you want to learn how you can become a savvy mover and make some money, keep reading!

First, I should explain that I live in New York City, one of the best public transportation in the country which I relied on heavily for this move. If you live in NYC or in a place with reliable mass transit, than this will be perfect for you. I bought two weeks of unlimited metro cards (meaning I can take the trains as often and as many times as I needed for two weeks) that cost was $64. That was my biggest expense beside storage (which is around $54 for the first two months). If you do live in New York City, I’ve always used Manhattan Mini Storage and been blessed with incredible experience each time. This is NOT sponsored by them. If you live in Manhattan they even have a free van to help you move all your belongings! Pro tip: schedule the van way in advance.

how i moved
The tote bags from events finally came in hand!
It all fits!

So moving is not that glamorous. I packed everything I had into tote bags that I could carry easily. It took a lot of time, physical endurance, and work but I got it all over to my storage unit. I ended up buying two plastic storage bins ( $9.90 each) to help store books and electronics. It also helped with stacking my belongings easier. For small boxes, I would carry them in totes as well and take them out of the tote bags once at the unit and stacked them accordingly. I found placed everything in handle bags made the trips more bearable. The very last day, I had a friend with a car help move the bigger boxes.

Another option to move without a U-haul or movers is using Uber or Lyft. Grab a friend and take a huge amount with you at a time. It will be a little more expensive, but still cheaper than movers and less stressful than U-Haul.

Okay, the more important part… How did I make so much money in the process?!

The bulk of the cash I made was by being flexible with my move out date. So many people think you can only move in and out on the 1st of the month, but there are so many individuals who are looking for move in dates at different points of the month. By moving out sooner than the 1st of the month, I actually got cash back ($595.16) on rent that the new tenant will be leasing. Some apartments even allow you to legally sublease your furnished apartment for 10% more than the asking price each month. So ask you management what their terms are for subleasing furnished units, you may be surprised.

The other $300 I made was by selling clothes, shoes, and accessories on Poshmark. It was so simple! As I was packing, I snapped a few photos of things I no longer wanted and posted it to the app. Most items sold quickly. I printed the shipping label, used a free USPS box and sent out the item the next day while on the way to my storage unit. Again, not sponsored, I just have found the best luck with Poshmark. Mercari is another app that does the same thing but you can sell electronics.

In the past, I sold my furniture- making even more extra cash. I similarly would take photos and posted to Craigslist. Pro tip: never tell them your unit number, and meet in a lobby if possible.  That way you remain safe and people are around at all times. I’ve been super lucky in finding buyers, but always trust your gut instincts if you think something isn’t right.

I hope this helps! Feel free to share with anyone who is in the midst of a big move. Also share your moving tips below! Read why I am moving here.


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