How I Afford To Travel For Three Months

How I afford to travel for three months

The biggest question I receive is how do you afford to travel, and especially for three months? In this article, I will share all my tips and tricks on getting the best deals, ways to save, where to splurge, and how to organize it all. If you are looking to travel the world, and not willing to spend your life savings, keep reading on how I afford to travel for three months! These tips can be applied by anyone (no comp rooms for reviews here!).

Useful Apps

Let’s begin with hotel and room accommodations because that’s often the hardest and most expensive part. I use two apps that have without failure given me the best deals on hotels, capsules, and hostels. The first being Orbitz. I have checked and double checked, and it is the best prices around the net. Even if I were to book directly with the hotel, I still get a remarkable savings with Orbitz. If that wasn’t good enough, when you sign up for their emails or download the app, you’ll receive frequent discount codes for 15% off. The app code is: app15. Lastly why I love Orbitz is you earn Orbitz bucks each time you book and can be applied to your next trip. Believe me, it adds up and makes a difference.

The second app is Hotel Tonight. If you use code ELAUNER you will receive $25 off your first booking. I love Hotel Tonight because they can find last minute deals in the area you are traveling. The hotels are always of high quality, and again a great deal compared to other sites. The nice thing about Hotel Tonight is how easy it is to book a room. Once your payment is placed inside, you simply swipe and it is booked! I also love that the total appears in the search (no hidden taxes or fees) so you know exactly how much you are paying. I book my entire stay in Dubai at a four star hotel for $59 a night!

I found for hostels, bookings are significantly cheaper when done in person or online directly with the company. Just a small tip!

How I afford to travel for three months
My view from the Hostel I stayed at in Venice.
My Favorite Airport Websites

Other websites I use frequently while traveling are Sleeping In Airports and Hostel World. Sleeping in airports is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a database of information regarding whether you can sleep at an airport around the world. This was incredibly useful when I had 4am flights and didn’t make sense to book a hotel room. While you won’t get the best night sleep, it is a way to save an extra $50-$100. And yes, many people will be doing the same thing, you’re not alone.

Hostel World is an awesome site to check reviews for different hostel accommodations. I don’t actually book through the site because I have found better prices on Orbitz, but you can book your trips if you find it easier to do it all in one spot.

Google Flights

This is what I use to find the most affordable flights around the world. It is easy to search, track flights, and change dates to find even better prices. It even gives the option to select the airport and date you are flying out and see what popular destinations are around and the lowest price to get there. Hands down a life changer when it comes to booking.

How I afford to travel for three months
A little back road in Athens.
Pick Up Freelance Work

So you now have booked everything, and are freaking out because you just spent a lot of money. My solutions is picking up extra work while on the road. I’ve used Upwork in the past and found it very helpful for a supplement income. Today, I have built up my portfolio enough to receive independent contract work that I can do remotely. But if you are just starting off, definitely give Upwork a try.

Mix It Up

We all want to live luxurious lavish lifestyles while we travel. I am all for that! However, if you are planning a long trip like I have, mixing up accommodations is key. Staying at a hotel for a few nights then switching to a hostel or capsule hotel is my biggest suggestion for saving money. Nice capsules and hostels range from $24- $50 a night on average, of course weekends are more expensive. The nice thing about hostels are that they are usually in the best area of town! So you can explore the city starting in the best location. It’s also a great way to meet other travelers while on the road. Lastly, hostels often have kitchens where you can cook your own food.

How I afford to travel for three months
Cute doors are my weakness.
Find The Local Markets

Speaking of which, buying fresh fruit and vegetables at the local market will not only help save money but also make you feel so much better. It is easy to grab an apple and yogurt for breakfast that costs roughly $1.50 than buy a full meal for $12. In the end it does add up!

Learn The Local Metro

The last tip I have is to learn the local metro system. If you have google maps, it’s pretty simple and straight forward. They even tell you what direction to go in for the trains and sometimes even the cost of the trip. Paying $2 per ride is significantly cheaper than spending $15-20 on cabs.

That’s everything I do to save while traveling! If you have any other tips you want to share to other travelers, please leave them in the comments below!


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