Hosting For The Holidays? Here’s How To Prepare

And just like that, the holidays are less than a month away. While some will start their planning in a few weeks, if you’re going to be hosting friends or family this festive season you’re going to want to start your preparations as early as possible. Hosting, in general, is a lot of work. When you throw in the pressure and the enormity of the holidays, it can all feel like the world on your shoulders. For these reasons, you’re going to want to get your preparations together early. By leaving things until the last minute, you’ll find it so much more stressful and expensive.

Of course, there are some things that you will need to cover nearer the time of the party. This will include your menu for the main event because you’ll need to shop for most of the items as close to the date as possible. However, when your menu is more or less the same each year it’s much easier to handle. Although you may start your gift shopping earlier, this is also something that you can cover without too much trouble. Today, we’re going to talk through the preparations you’ll have as a host, and many of those will include your home. 

Christmas Classics

These are the main decorations that you’re going to want to pick out and put ahead in order for your home to get itself into the Christmas spirit.

Christmas Tree

Depending on your preferences, you may be looking to put your tree up right about now. You may even have it up already! If not, you’re going to want to start thinking about the kind of Christmas tree you want this year. Will it be real or artificial? And what sort of decorating theme are you going for? The theme that you choose here often sets the standard for what you will do throughout your home. If you have a set style, you may be working with pieces you already have, or you may fancy a change.


Another classic to consider here is going to be a wreath. It can often be a lot of fun to make sure that you have something to showcase your Christmas spirit for when guests and visitors arrive at your door. Ideally, you should consider buying this when you get your tree, as you can then ensure that they match well!


And what about a garland? Or even a few garlands? Garlands can really bring the festive spirit to your home. From the mantle to the banister, there are lots of different places that you could look to place your garlands, and decorating them can be a lot more fun too. As with your wreath, you may want to think about picking out a garland or two that can fit in with the style of tree you’ve gone with.

Home Decor

Now, you’re going to want to try and focus on the pieces that will make your home sing for the festive season. Because when you’re hosting, everything detail makes a difference.


It can be a lot of fun to not only pick out festive ornaments but collect them too. To decorate your entire house, you’re going to need the right amount of ornaments. And it can take years to collect them all. From singing Santa’s to sweet little snowmen, there are lots of choices you can choose to bring your decor to life. Again, you’re going to want to make sure that what you pick out works for your theme.


From here, you’ve also got soft furnishings. And we all tend to like to be a little Christmasy with our decor as soon as December hits. With cushion covers and throws, and even festive bed linens, there’s a lot you can do with your decor choices. But best of all, you’re going to want to think about the DIY ideas you can work do with the family.

Outdoor Decor

But don’t just think you have to limit your decorating skills to your interiors. You can definitely have a lot of fun by decorating your outdoors as well. From different fairy lights to singing and moving statues, you can certainly have a lot of fun. Also, you might want to think about putting up a tree outside too, especially if it’s a real one.

Table Decorations

Of course, you’ve then got the table to think of. While your hosting duties are going to cover a range of days, you really want to make sure that your table shines.


The main event of your table decorations is often going to be the centerpiece. And this can be the thing you get most precious about picking out. You may even want to go with something new each year. With these centerpiece ideas, you shouldn’t have to think too hard. Whether you want to buy something show-stopping or make it yourself, you need to find something that will set the pace for the rest of your table decor.


Next up, you’re going to want to pick out all of your linens. The first thing is going to be the tablecloth if you’re going to have one. Then, the runner. Or, you may just choose to go with the runner alone. Either way, they’re going to be the base. After that’s sorted, you need to pick out your place settings, followed by the napkins. Ideally, they’re all going to be within the same theme.


Finally, there’s the Christmas tableware to think about. You may already have a set that you’ve been using for years, but now that you’re hosting more people, you might need something new that can cater to a larger party. Or, if it’s your first Christmas in your new home, then you’re going to want to find a tableware set that can be your go-to for each Christmas to come.

Hosting Help

These are the kind of things that are really going to help you when you host. Of everything, these are going to be just for fun, but they will really help you to host Christmas at home.

Nibbles & Refreshment

The first thing you’re going to need for this is always going to be some good old fashioned nibbles and refreshments. And the festive season always feels better when you have some good food to look forward too! So get yourself some quick and easy recipes in mind, along with snacks and sweet treats too. You could even make them ahead and freeze them so you have them ready for when people drop in.


And what about some fun festive fashion too? It can be a lot of fun when you dress up, especially in matching sets like Zoey’s Attic do, across the holiday season. Whether you want to wear something sparkly or go for old-fashioned Christmas jumpers, you definitely will feel so much more in the festive spirit when you bring fashion into things too.


And, of course, what is Christmas without fun and games? If you have people to stay for the night or even a few nights, you’re going to want to come up with some entertainment. Games can be great for that. So be sure you dig out your board games nice and early, and even get anything you need together for games like charades.

Atmospheric Must-Haves

And then you’re going to want to finish off with the pieces that will help your home to have the right atmosphere when you’re hosting.


Candles are always great for creating the right kind of atmosphere or mood. And they’re also something that you can stock up on early. Not only are they great to give off some beautiful light, but they can smell great too. So be sure to pick out some festive scents like pine or cinnamon while you shop. You may even want to go for very festive designs or even an advent candle too.


Next up, there’s always music to think about too. This can be great in the background for a number of occasions. It’s always nice to have festive songs playing softly in the background when you have people over, so be sure to find a cool Christmas playlist to have ready for when you need it. You may also find that it helps you to get into the festive spirit when you’re cleaning or putting up your decorations too.


Finally, you should also be thinking about the different lighting that you can play around with too. After all, you’re picking out lights for your tree and outdoor decoration, that you may as well pick some suitable lighting styles and solutions to help with the atmosphere too. When you have, you’ll soon realize that your festive atmosphere is complete and you’re ready to become the best Christmas host.

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