The Five-Step Facial That Will Have You Reconsider ‘Home Spa Days’

I recently had the privilege of testing out Purpletale’s five-step facial. Purpletale is a Korean skin care movement, with the notion ‘if you look good, you’ll feel good, and if you feel good you’ll do good’. The brand is all about the amazing pamper sessions that nourish our souls. After hearing so many raving reviews of Purpletale, and Korean beauty as a whole, I was super interested in trying it myself.

I received a kit of 8 facials. Each sheet had the five steps for the facials perfectly measured out. I really enjoyed the fact that all the steps were clearly labeled and measured for me. Making the process a lot simpler and manageable.

The first step is a cleanser to prep your face and get rid of any residue. Again, perfectly measured out so you aren’t using too much or too little. The second is a serum to place on your face. I placed it on my face, neck, and décolletage. These two steps took less than two minutes.

Next is the fun relaxing part, the sheet mask! It comes packaged in two parts. One for the top of your face, the second for the lower half. They even make it super simple by lining the mask with fine paper to keep it from folding and getting bunched up. I removed one side of the paper and placed it on my face, then removed the other thin side of paper. Secured in a cinch!

I love that there are two parts to the mask because sometimes it is hard to get a sheet mask to fit comfortably on your face. This is a lot simpler to adjust.

After a very relaxing fifteen minutes of the sheet mask, where I often closed my eyes and almost fell asleep, the five-step facial is nearly complete! At this point, my skin felt very cool to touch and hydrated. I removed the sheet mask and opened the last two packets which were moisturizers for the face and neck. Again this took only a few minutes. That’s it! Super simple yet very effective and relaxing.

Final Thoughts

My skin absorbed this product and glistened for days straight! It really helped my dry, flakey skin and gave it an instant radiant boost. I didn’t even need to wear makeup the following day because of the natural glow! It is also perfect for traveling since everything is measured and packed neatly.

Here Is A Deal Just For You

For a limited time, you can get the whole kit (8 facials) for $39 using code ‘rockpaperglam’ plus free shipping. If you use one kit a week, the whole package will last you for two months (almost all of summer)! That is an insane deal and so much more cost effective than going to get a facial. These are perfect for any brides-to-be, or gifts to bridesmaids leading up to the big day. Or just to have around to treat yourself every week!

I was sent this facial as a gift with no need to publish on my blog, the opinions are all authentically mine!


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