It’s Perfectly Normal If…

Growing up reading Glamour Magazine I loved reading the section, “It’s okay if…” That little column made me laugh, relate, connect and laugh some more. To lighten the holiday stress as well as bring some giggles I wanted to bring a special version of that column to Rock.Paper. Glam. Here is some Holiday Humor

It’s perfectly normal if (the holiday edition):

  • You still pray for snow days in your 20’s.
  • The factor that determines where you buy presents is if they provide FREE gift wrapping. No one has time for that.
  • Listening to Pandora Christmas nonstop still makes you so giddy people ask if you are drunk. “Drunk on Christmas, y’all”.
  • You get excited by every holiday theme Starbuck drink, and afterwards realized you paid $6 for a coffee. Oh well!
  • Dreading picking up gifts for the whole family. All of the sudden 3 people seems significantly big.
  • Planning the holiday movie order in your head. Love actually or The Holiday first?
  • When Black Friday seems like a great idea, but so does sleeping in.
  • Opening up the biggest gifts first. I’ve waiting long enough!
  • Celebrating the first snow fall of the season with such delight, and then cursing every time it snows thereafter. It’s only good if you get snow days.
  • Realizing homemade hot cocoa is way better than every buying it in a cafe.
  • If at least one thing burns while cooking Thanksgiving day dinner.

Holiday Humor

  • Still believing in the magic and miracles of the holidays. I mean, how else do you explain a significant mood change in strangers.
  • Never fully understanding the point of candy canes, but still want them!
  • Driving around to see how everyone decorated them homes for the holidays and critiquing each one, even though you didn’t even put up lights.
  • Laughing with friends at the local diner after the family dinner is by far the best part of the holidays.
  • Knowing that life isn’t perfect, but there is so much gratitude in what you do have and for the people who love you.

Happy Holidays! Leave in the comments below what is perfectly normal for you during the holiday season.


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