Holiday Gift Shopping For The Men In Your Life

Holiday Gift Shopping

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about gifts. Shopping for presents is one of the best things about the lead up to Christmas; not only do you have an excuse to go shopping, but you also get the chance to really spoil the people who you love. Yet the common complaint remains between the genders – that they have no idea what to buy the other one. For women, it can be straightforward, with candles, blankets, jewelry (a bit stereotypical but it’s true) but men can be a little bit more complicated to shop for.

Most people receive the same answer when you ask a guy what they want for Christmas: ‘I dunno’ or ‘nothing’ but imagine their shock when you hand them a box of nothing on the day. And while no one likes to use stereotypes – this might be the only time they are useful. You can easily shop for people by concentrating on one hobby they have, or one thing they love.

The Sporty One

Whether it’s golf, football or baseball, there are some great gifts out there. Why not combine practical with personal by having a set of golf tee’s engraved with their name? Or a gym bag embossed with their initials. Or you could simply upgrade some of their equipment. Do they need new sneakers, a new bat or ball? A lot of sport fanatic guys will never be disappointed with extra gear. If they are more into watching then playing, why not get them tickets to a game? Or hunt around for signed paraphernalia from their favorite player?

The Tech-Head

We all know the guy who loves nothing better than the latest bit of tech. Keep him up-to-date with the latest model of console or camera. If your budget isn’t that big, then think about the accessories you can get, from a cable case to a camera lens for their phone. There are some great tech ideas everywhere, and, since we live in 2017, there is constantly something new to take their interest.

The Coffee Lover

Bring out his inner (or outer) hipster with an at-home milk frother for that perfect latte every morning. Or splurge on one of the best at-home coffee machines. You can even buy Barista classes so that they learn the delicate craft of latte art. Or perhaps they just love a good, black coffee. Why not get them a subscription to get new flavours of coffee each month – a gift that keeps on giving.

The One Who Has Everything

Nothing is more irritating than finding gifts for men who have everything. You never know what to get them, and likely they have two or three stashed away somewhere. So rather than a physical gift, why not buy them an experience? You can choose from cooking classes, sky diving, jet skiing – the list is endless, and they will definitely treasure the memory of the event over yet another pair of socks. You could buy two tickets – one for them and one for you, or someone else so that they can share the day with someone they love.

The Foodie

Foodies are relatively easy to shop for. Get them an assorted box of their favorite foods. You can get a luxury cheese and wine basket, or a gift of spices from around the world. Take them out to dinner, or send them to a cooking class. Perhaps you just pay for them to go out for a meal with someone, or you get them the ingredients to cook for themselves. You can even find grow-your-own food gifts, and make-your-own gin, wine and ale.

The Gamer

Gamers are usually quite outspoken about the next game they’d love – purely because there is usually a long wait for them to be released, which drums up excitement. And they often follow series – like COD or Fifa, so you can always have a quick snoop and just get the next one – or just pre-pay for it on release. Failing that, think about paying for their year subscription for Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus.

The Stylish One

With beards at an all-time high, grooming kits have popped up everywhere. And men, in general, have started to pay more attention to their hair and skin, so getting moisturizers and hair products isn’t going to offend anyone as it would have in years past.


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