The History of Eternity Rings

Technically speaking, eternity rings have been around since 2000 B.C. in Egypt. The Egyptians felt that not even death could stop the bond of marriage so they invented a wedding ceremony as way of tying a union between two people. Egyptian archaeologists found rings carved from bones with beads or gems that went all around them. This was the very first eternity ring.

Since the first eternity ring, they’ve symbolized an ever-lasting love speaking to the couple’s relationship and commitment. They’ve become more popular largely due to the intricate design as well as their meaning.

Many couples believe each stone signifies a milestone in their relationship, from their engagement to buying their first house together to having their first child. More diamonds and gems the merrier!

engagement and eternity rings

Diamonds are the most popular stone for eternity rings because a diamond symbolizes forever, the essence of eternity rings. In addition, they are one of the most precious and rare substances on earth. However, colored gemstones often feature significant meaning. In can be as simple as adding the gemstone of the month of a birthday or a wedding anniversary. For example, Amethyst is the stone in February. Other stones like the Emerald not only signify the Month of May but motherhood, while the Ruby is well-known as the stone for 40th anniversaries.

While many men present their wives with an eternity ring at a special anniversary or the birth of their first child, it is now becoming more common to use an eternity band as an engagement ring. Many brides-to-be prefer this option because it allows you to have some bling and have it complement your partner’s wedding band. Since eternity rings symbolize the ultimate commitment and long-lasting love, an engagement is also an ideal time to gift one to the woman in your life.

While some eternity rings may be mass-produced, the best ones are custom made.  It is fun to see professionals make your design come to life. Eternity bands are harder to make than any other kind of ring because each stone must be the exact same size so they set perfectly in the band without any space between.

While you have an extensive amount of choices, popular options include princess-cut diamonds with a channel setting or round diamonds in a dramatic claw setting. For even more options, check out the fabulous selection of diamond jewelry in Brisbane.

As noted, the days of waiting until your 40th or 50th anniversary to buy an eternity band are long over. It’s become more common to gift your loved one with an eternity band on your first anniversary. Sometimes, the biggest decision you’ll have to make is whether to buy a full eternity band or a half one, known as an anniversary band.

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