A Haunting in Barcelona: The Final Cut

In case you missed it, here’s part one and two. Finally, the end that you have been waiting for. Did we stay another night at the haunted apartment? What happened when we returned from dinner? Let’s find out…

Sitting at an outside cafe with our tapas and paella, we watched the locals relax into the evening. Work was over, and it was time to enjoy life. Something I relished about the European culture: delicious food, happy company, and the sense of no worries until tomorrow. But as our meal came to an end, a sense of dread loomed over my friend and me.

“How many more nights are we book at this apartment?” my friend asked as she sipped her sangria. I could tell neither one of use wanted to head back to the haunted flat.

I stabbed an apple slice floating in my sangria with my straw and let out a nervous sigh, “two more nights.”

“Oh my gosh. I honestly don’t know if we can do it,” my friend replied. “All day, I’ve been thinking of ways to make it work, but there is something wrong with that place.” There was a brief paused before she leaned in, “I didn’t want to freak you out earlier, but after we said those prayers I went into the kitchen to wash my hands. While I was in there, I glance up at the window overlooking the courtyard. In the reflection, I saw this dark figure. It was there only a second, but I felt its’ presence directly behind me.”

“There is something I didn’t mention as well,” I took a breath. “When I woke up after my dream, I looked all around the room before turning the lights on. At the end of my bed was a long dark shadow. I thought it was a bed post or something because that’s what it looked like.”

“Yeah…” My friend interjected as we huddled towards the center of the table, clenching our glasses.

“There’s no bedpost on my bed. I realized that when I turned the light back on.”

“Oh hell no! That’s it we can’t stay there another night. I mean what if you wake up tonight and turn to me speaking in tongues? I rather lose the money” My friend exclaimed pushing away from the table. “Uh-uh.”

“What should we do? Because the sun is setting as well speak and I rather not be possessed on this trip.”

“I’ll look up hotels, ” My friend whipped out her phone while I grabbed the check. Within minutes, she book a place for tonight while I paid the bill. If anything, this haunting experience has really made us work like pros together.

Five minutes later, we were standing in front of the apartment. I turned the lock to enter the dark foyer with green and brown peeling paint.

“How did we not notice this before, it is straight out of a horror flick?” I asked while looking at the walls.

We walking into the elevator that is only big enough for two people and pressed our floor. The doors shut and the light began to flicker. All of the sudden the elevator felt like it was rocking back and forth barely moving between floors.

“You got to be kidding me,” My friend said.

“This can’t happening”. I closed my eyes and began praying my freaking heart.

It took a minute, but the elevator finally moved and opened to our floor.

I turned the key to the apartment door and hesitantly stepped inside. The air is thicker than I remembered. The sun is quickly setting and the space was dark.

“I am going to keep the front door open, just in case,” I told my friend as I propped a chair in front of the heavy door. I didn’t want to be locked in here with evil spirits lurking.

I slowly made my way further into the flat, switching on lights as I went. I got to my room and turned the handle terrified to go in. As I creaked the door open. There it was, the mirror facing directly towards me again. There is no way for it to unlatch itself, there is no reason for it to be moving on its own. Something is living in this apartment and is not happy that we are here.

As fast as I humanly could, I snatched all my belonging from the closet and checked under the bed to make sure I had everything. I had never been so terrified in my life to look under a bed. I braced myself as I placed my head to the floor. I felt the thickness in the air surrounding my every move. I lifted the edge of the dust ruffle and looked. Only a water bottle cap was there. Oh thank goodness.

I picked up the cap, refusing to leave anything behind and I hauled my stuff into the living room to repack. I will never step foot in that room ever again.

As I was repacked at lightening pace I heard, “Ellese?”

My friend’s voice came from her room.

“Are you okay? Is everything okay?” I respond.

“Uh, yeah. Let’s get out of her quickly though.”

I zipped up the last bag, made one final sweep of the place and headed to the front door. I hung up the keys on the hook near the door before shutting it for good.

“Give me one of your bags,” I motioned for my friend to hand me one of her large suitcases. With her large suitcase, my large suitcase and a duffle bag I made my way to the stairs, “I am not stepping foot in that elevator.”

Trudging down the floors, I noticed that they were all dark with this giant marble stairway in the middle.

“Did you ever realize how much this looks like an old school?” I mentioned as we got to the first floor.

“It really does. It is eerily like your dream. Maybe the lone balcony is the principles old office.” My friend replied. Maybe so.

Once outside, I miraculously spotted a cab at the corner intersection. Unlike New York, there weren’t cabs at every block. So when I saw this one, I ran for it. I mean sprinted, dragging the bags  with me and flailing one arm like a maniac. To me this was my only way out of this nightmare.

The cab driver looked at me like I was nuts, which honestly I didn’t blame him. We gave the hotel’s address and loaded into the taxi. I watched as the apartment was finally out of sight.

“So, why did you call my name before we left?” I looked down at my feet and realized I forgot to tie my sneakers before sprinting out.

“Before we left the apartment, did you move my luggage?” she asked me.

“No, why?” I laced up my shoes as she looked frightened.

“I had my purse was in the center of the bed, but when I went back into the room my purse was on the floor with credit cards, eyeliners, and lip gloss scattered on the ground.” My heart stopped when I heard this.

“I am so glad we are out of there,” I looked out into the night sky. “I can only imagine what would have happened next.”

The End

Thank you for reading my real life ghost story in Barcelona. The events really did happen. I eventually worked with Airbnb to get a refund for our stay. They were extremely cooperative and even wrote this short email:

haunted apartment in Barcelona

The rest of our trip was smooth sailing. I ended up visiting the Vatican in Rome where I bought a rosary, and St. Michael pendant for extra protection. I’m not even Catholic, but thought it can’t hurt!  It was also where we met the legendary “Mr. Winker”, who I am all too excited to tell you about on Monday.

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The only two photos I have of the apartment. This is the living room area
Barcelona Haunted House
The living room area where we had dinner, and I repacked my bags
Zara Barcelona
The next night in our gorgeous hotel. I did some retail therapy to ease the pain.


  1. Ahhhh such a great story! Thank s so much for sharing. I’m Catholic and I carry a Rosary, prayer card, St. Jude picture, for protection and so that I can feel safe. I would have gone crazy if I was in that situation!!! You and your friend are so brave!!! It made a great story though, I loved it!!!

  2. Beautifully written and I’m so glad we got the heck outta there!!! Thank you for being brave with me lol. I was reciting every prayer I could remember and calling every angel and saint lol. I’m just glad we can laugh about it now but it wasn’t so funny then! Good job on this post, Ellese!

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