Half Way Point, Time To Reflect

time to reflect

Thank you Not Jess Fashion for this awesome post about reflecting and the blog tips you enclosed. After reading, I realized holy cow, we are at the half way point. 6 months have past since January 1st when all those feelings of a fresh start and anything is possible was overwhelming. But guess what, anything is still possible! This is a good time to sit down and take inventory of what is happening, what has happened, and where you want to go. Here is how!

One Powerful Tool

I have said this time and time again, but only because I truly believe in it, writing is the most powerful tool for success. Putting ideas, concepts, goals, a business plan down on paper is the first step in getting to where you want to head. Write, rewrite, and then make several new lists if you need to in order to get all your ideas down on paper. There is something very magical about having it written out. It’s always a way for our subconscious to get us to the next step.

It’s also important to write down what is going on right here and right now. What’s holding us back, what have we already accomplished. These revelations will prepare us for the next part of the journey.

Fear Gate

The next thing I like to do is take note of the blocking points holding me back. It is often fear that I have placed on myself that prevents me from getting to that next level. Fear of not being good enough, not being able to make it, not earning enough, not being worthy of it, and the biggest of them all– fear of the unknown. These common fears are what hold a majority of people back from pursuing their dreams. So don’t worry if these resonate with you, you’re not alone. By recognizing what is happening under the surface helps reveal what areas in life to work on.

There is no glamorous way around fear except to meet it head on and realize it is nothing but the imagination. Do what you want to do anyway, and watch that fear disappear.


Once you have all you goals, hopes and dreams on paper it is time to take action. Even small steps in the right direction add up. Maybe you want to become healthier, deciding to have fruit instead of chips is a great step in the right direction. How about your dreams of traveling more? Booking a quick weekend trip is a step in the right direction. These steps don’t have to be life changing at first, they can be small easy steps that will over time feel more comfortable to you and lead you to where your looking to go.

I hope this helps! Let me know in the comments what your excited to pursue for the rest of the year.


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