Hairstyles & Necklines: A Guide To Getting It Right

Hairstyles & Necklines

The way that you wear your hair has an impact on your entire outfit. The most obvious area that is impacted is the neckline, whether that be a dress, a jacket, a sweater, or simple v-necks. Your hair is the essential finishing touch to these pieces and can help to pull an entire outfit together.

If you’re a little confused as to how this works, then read on! You’ll soon be able to look forward to the perfect outfit completed with the perfect hairstyle.

How Do Hair and Necklines Impact One Another?

Essentially, the issue is one of space; in this case, the “space” you are negotiating is the skin around your neck and clavicle. The amount you cover, or don’t cover, is important. It influences the overall finished look of the top half of your body.

Your hair and the neckline of whatever garment you are wearing compete for this space. If you wear your hair loose, there’s less room for the garment. An extreme example of how messy this can look can be brought to mind by imagining someone wearing a polo neck, and their hair loose. This creates competition; both the hair and the garment are competing for space.

The end result? The look is clunky, competitive, and far from the seamless idea we all imagine. However, if you wear a high neck with your hair worn up, there’s no competition and the overall look is cleaner.

Should Your Hair Always Be Worn Up So It Doesn’t Compete With The Neckline?

It’s easy to think that, but in reality, that’s not quite how it works. You don’t need to remove your tape in hair extensions and consign yourself to wearing your hair in a chignon forever, there are times when long hair can be worn loose and not compete with a garment.

For example, if you are wearing a strapless dress, wearing your hair long and loose looks fantastic– as the skin on your neck is free from clothing, your hair can take center stage. Again, there’s no competition. The same is true for deep V-necks, t-shirts, and any garment with spaghetti straps. Essentially, if you can touch the skin of your neck or shoulders without encountering fabric, then the garment will look great when worn with your hair down.

The deep V-neck means skin is shown, so the hair doesn’t compete.

Are There Any Styles That Look Good With Any Neckline?

Yes, a half-up, half-down style will suit every neckline. As part of your hair is pulled back from your face, and thus pulled back from your neck, there is no competition in this region. You then still get the enjoyable length of the half of your hair that is down, so this look suits all necklines.

How Important Is It To Match Your Hair To Your Neckline?

It depends on the look you are trying to achieve. As a general rule, if you are aiming for a look that is chic, sophisticated, and timeless, you’ll want to take these tips into account. If you’re more focused on a carefree, relaxed vibe, then the neckline/hair debate is one you can largely ignore.

Hopefully, the above will have given you a primer on how to match your neckline to your hairstyle.

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