A Guide To Choosing Beautiful Diamond Earrings

Most women (self-included) dream of owning a pair of elegant diamond stud earrings. Often, we have no clue where to start the processes of picking the perfect diamond. There are so many elements to take into consideration! We’ve heard about the 4C’s before, but do you even know what that means? Luckily for you, we’ve gathered some practical tips to guide you on your journey in buying you very own pair of diamond earrings.

How to pick the perfect color for your diamond earrings

 The finest diamonds found on Earth are usually rare and colorless, and not to mention, expensive. According to the GIA grading scale, G-I are considered to be almost colorless while diamonds with D-F grades are colorless. A diamond with a J grade or under has a slight tinge of yellowish color. However, keep in mind that no matter what your color preference is, the diamond color does not have any effect on its sparkle and brightness.

Brilliant and scintillation

The brilliance of a diamond is defined as the total amount of white light that’s reflected from the stone to your eye. That is why it is important to choose a diamond that is well-cut.

Diamonds: Brilliance vs. Cost

It is sensible that the higher the quality of a diamond, the higher is its price. If you are looking for a beautiful and brilliant diamond at a reasonable price, choose the one that offers complete clarity and has a G-H color. There are also earrings with a moderate price, but earrings of such quality can still provide a brilliant display of light. Let’s delve deep into the reasons:

  • The cut can provide life and brilliance into a diamond
  • When mounted on the metal, G-H color can look just as colorless as D-F.
  • A diamond that has SI2 (slight inclusions or flaw) clarity doesn’t have any obvious flaws and it usually cost less than a diamond with higher clarity yet still maintains its brilliance.

In case you have a smaller budget, there’s nothing wrong with purchasing a diamond stud earrings of a lower quality. Diamonds will never fail to sparkle when you wear them.

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Choosing the right clarity

It is very rare for a diamond not to have any inclusions or flaws. Diamonds with few to no flaws usually are priced higher. However, flaws do not have any major impact on the diamond as they are actually not visible to the naked eye.

Experts recommend buying the ones with grade SI2 (slight inclusion 2) or up. But, if you are still short on budget, choose a diamond with an I1 (included 1) grade but make sure that the inclusions (flaws) are only on the outer edge.

Choosing the right cut

Among the 4Cs of a diamond (cut, color, clarity, carat), the cut of the diamond is considered the most important attribute. A well-cut diamond will reflect light internally and shows its brilliance through the top of the stone. So if you are shopping for a pair of diamond earrings, take a look into the top center. A poorly cut diamond has dark facets right in the middle of the stone.

Feel free to look back at this helpful guide when you are ready to shop for the diamond earrings of your dreams.

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