Good Clothes Gone Bad: Why Your Favorite Outfit Suddenly Doesn’t Work

We all have that special outfit; the one we can always rely on. We feel wonderful when wearing it; it flatters our shape, makes us feel like we can conquer the world one well-heeled step at a time. It’s the go-to outfit we choose when we need a boost to our confidence; and when we want to feel like we have got everything under control.

No matter much you love that outfit, there is always the chance that you’ll go through the disconcerting experience of realizing… it doesn’t look as good as you remember. You’ll find yourself standing in front of the mirror, squinting at your reflection, and wondering what exactly happened. It’s still the same outfit; you’re wearing it in exactly the same way… but it just doesn’t have the miraculous effect that you once attributed to it.

If you find yourself going through the above, it can be difficult to understand. If you loved an outfit once, why is it suddenly letting you down when you need it? What’s going on?

In an effort to answer these questions, if you suddenly find that your favorite outfit isn’t quite as it used to be, it’s worth considering the following…

1) Your Body Has Changed

Our bodies change constantly; we gain a little weight, we lose a little weight, we go harder in the gym, or we indulge in evenings on the couch watching TV. Pregnancy is also a huge influencing factor on how our bodies tend to change. While your perfect outfit might have once suited you, if your lifestyle — and thus your body — has changed since you last wore it, that outfit might no longer be the way it once was. It might be too tight, too loose, or just not fit the way you always felt it did.

There are a number of things you can do about this issue. First and foremost, you could use it as a spurring-on moment; the moment when you decide to change your body in the way you have always imagined. If you’ve lost weight and your breasts are a shadow of their former selves, then you may want to learn about mammoplasty and how it can improve your shape. Furthermore, if you’ve gained weight, you can use your favorite outfit as an inspiration to spur you on to return to your former size.

Alternatively, you can decide you are happy with your body in its newly-changed shape and set about finding a new favorite outfit that feels fabulous as you are now.

2) The Time Of The Month

Your body will change dramatically throughout the month depending where you are on your menstrual cycle. In the weeks leading up to your period — when you’re more likely to suffer from PMS — you may find that your body changes. You gain weight and your breasts enlarge. This is due to the water retention that all women experience at different times in their cycle.

If you suspect this may be the reason your favorite outfit suddenly doesn’t fit correctly, then it’s worth waiting for a week and trying that outfit on again when your period has passed. If the issue remains afterward, then you can consider the options in point one and see which might suit you.

3) Your Style Has Changed

Style is not an eternal thing; we all change our preferences, the clothes that we considered to be wonderful yesterday are in no way guaranteed to be the clothes that we love today. This is all the more likely to be the cause of your issue if it has been many months, perhaps even years, since you last wore your favorite outfit.

The outfit that you once considered your absolute go-to now just seems wrong, because your perception of what constitutes good style has altered. You could try improving the outfit to meet your current ideals; add accessories, different combinations, more modern twists in terms of the jewellery you wear. Experiment with new additions to the outfit and, eventually, you should be able to bring it right up to date with your current preferences.

4) Your Outfit Isn’t In The Best Condition

If you have worn your favorite outfit on numerous occasions, then there’s every chance that going through the washing and drying cycle has taken its toll. The fabric might not be as perfect as it once was; wools can bobble and cotton can lose its colorfastness.

The outfit may also have been suffering from the simple act of wearing it. Seams have stretched; hemlines have dropped– as a result, it doesn’t look quite as wonderful as it once did. The more you have worn a preferred outfit, the more likely it is to fall victim to these changes.

What you do about it depends on the issue. You can deep condition clothes to try and bring fabric issues under control, but loose hems and seams can be more difficult to fix. You could always try consulting a tailor in an effort to tighten and fix any issues that have developed; it’s up to you if you consider the further investment to be worth it. If the outfit in question was relatively inexpensive, you might be best off replacing it, and buying duplicates of any items that you particularly love in future. Buying duplicates ensure that you don’t have to go through the same painful process again, and your new favorite outfit can retain its status for years and years.

The loss of an outfit you once considered to be a reliable staple which you always felt good in is tough to take. However, it could be assumed that all good things have to come to an end. If your style or body has changed, or the outfit isn’t looking as good as it once did, then parting ways with your old favorite can be a sweet sorrow– as it ushers in a new dawn, with your next favorite outfit waiting for you right around the corner. What could be a better excuse for a shopping trip?

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