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It is a new year and a fresh start! I love this time where everything feels invigorating, and not because it is below freezing outside but because there’s a sense of excitement and anticipation of what’s to come.

One takeaway from the previous year that profoundly changed my way of living is planning for success. I will never be one of those planners who has every seconded scheduled. That simple is not me. I like to leave room for spontaneity and last-minute adventures. However, it was a game changer the moment I began organizing my thoughts and goals into comprehensible to do lists.

To do list, New Year planner, Target, Goal getter

To Do lists, Target planner, Happy New Year

Planner, clipboard, new year, goal crusher

Goal getter, organizer, clipboard, Target

Planner, goal getter, organizers from Target, New Year

There is something about placing my ideas on paper that helps begin the process that seemed overwhelming in my head. For added organization, I like to write out what I am capable of completing today, and what needs to get done in the long run. Therefore, when I spotted this pad of paper from Target already organized into two pretty sections, it was one of those soul-rejoicing moments as if this planner was made for me! I knew this was something I needed for the year to come.

I also picked up a bright pink and gold folder that will help keep my business ideas and goals all in one place. I love that there is a clipboard in front for what I am currently working on while the inside has a folder and extra paper for more room to jot notes. The best part is both tools are so affordable under $5 a piece.

These are just a few tools I use to keep my goals organized. I also love dry erase boards and pin boards to place ideas and clips of inspiration. Post-its, day planners, and calendars are must haves. Again there are so many affordable options, from $5-$12. Making investing in your dreams much more manageable.

What do you use to help achieve your goals? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Lists are my favorite things ever! I always feel way more accomplished when I can cross things off. I actually have found my planner very helpful when i was using it. I need to get back into it again though. Great post and happy new year!


  2. That to-do list is sooo cute! I like how it’s divided into things for today and tomorrow so you don’t get overwhelmed by everything you have to get done!

  3. I’ve always been one to keep notes and lists, but this past year I started using Google calendar on all my devices and it has helped greatly in keeping my blog ideas organized! I used a physical day planner before that, but with it being something I had to carry everywhere with me, I finally went electronic and although it’s not as satisfying as the feeling of a pretty little book that you can hand write in, it’s worlds more convenient. Plus I still keep a planner for my desk at home so I get the best of both worlds 🙂

    p.s. I noticed in your sidebar about blurb…white chocolate peanut butter?! Need to find myself some of that!

  4. In this digital age, I still find that nothing beats a good ole pencil and notepad, despite what Google would like you to think! Great tips, thanks for the share!

    xo, Alice | Miss Inconnue

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