Go Boldly With Cat Footwear

Go Boldly Cat Footwear Event

Earlier this month, I attended Cat Footwear “Go Boldly” event in their showroom. I knew of the brand prior to going but was unaware of the women’s shoes they produced. I was actually really impressed by the designs and aesthetics. I typically remembered Cat footwear being very industrial and masculine. While there are still some masculine components to the shoes, I can see how they used softer materials and hues to make it more feminine.

Go Boldly

The event in general really played up the theme of “Go Boldly” with bold flavors like extra cheesy mozzarella sticks and flaming ice cream to bold music from a live dj. They even had beer pong with a $1000 gift card for the winner and tattoo artists specializing shoes.  I tried the ice cream and tattooed my boots that I received from the event. That’s as bold as I went, but I really enjoyed watching everyone else play beer pong and caught up with friends I hadn’t seen in a bit.

The Shoes

I came home with a pair of the Matilda boots, which are classic leather Chelsea boots with a one inch heal. I love that they have soft foam in the soles making it very comfortable to walk in. Of course with all leather boots, you have to break them in a bit to get that perfect mold. I really loved the Knockout boots. They look really cute on, plus they are on sale! Like I said earlier, I am impressed with the designs they have for women. I can see these being great boots for the colder months to come. What do you think, would you wear these? Let me know in the comments!

Cat Footwear event
Nutella and Smore’s Icecream
My New Matilda boots being tattooed!

Thanks for the invite AMP3 PR!

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