Fuel Vegan Hair Care

I am constantly on the lookout for healthy, cruelty-free products. I feel there is a responsibility to uphold as a digital influencer, which is to be extremely mindful and educated on the products I promoted. While I am still learning, I try my hardest to stay up-to-date by reading science journals and watching documentaries. I really care about your health!

With that said, I’d like to introduce to you Fuel. Fuel is a Vegan hair care line. Meaning there is absolutely no testing on animals nor does it contain any animal products! I was extremely excited to learn the company is also paraben free and gluten-free.

Fuel Vegan hair products review Fuel Vegan hair products review

With a tagline of “The Power Behind Beautiful Hair” I was intrigued to try their products. I wasn’t sure where to start so a specialist sent me a few questions about my hair type. She then suggested trying the curl defining lotion, the nourishing oil and their newest product that will be released in May, the Frizz-Free Shine Mist! I have naturally dry, curly hair, so I these suggestions seemed like great fits!

I began using the products immediately. I love the texture and how it was very easy to apply to my hair. A lot went a long way which is nice. The nourishing oil is  a very smooth glossy formula created with six essential oils. On Fuel’s website they explain the beneficial properties of each, which I will leave right here:

  • Abyssinian seed oil conditions hair
  • Baobab oil- improves absorption and strength
  • Brazil nut oil nourishes hair and antioxidants protect against damaging free radicals
  • Camellia oil- adds brilliant moisture
  • Evening primrose oil- soothes scalp
  • Jojoba oil- imparts shine and thermal protection

For these reasons, I really enjoyed applying the nourishing lotion to my dry hair to add shine and moisture for days it felt dull.

The curl defining lotion reminded me of a smoothing gel. There is more tack than the nourishing oil which held my curls in place. I still need to get comfortable wearing curls, maybe I will do a post about that later. But I am so grateful to have a healthy curl product to play around with! I did notice while using a rounded brush to blow drying, the smoothing gel left my hair feeling very soft and healthy (see pictures below). Best feeling in the world.

The last product I was really excited to get my hands on was the Frizz-Free Shine Mist. It is the newest installment to Fuel’s hair care line with a scheduled release date in May. To me, the Shine Mist resembled a combination of a hair spray and oil mist. I am in love! It didn’t make my hair too sticky like typical hairspray, but I can tell my hair would be frizz free no matter the humidity level. A huge plus as I head into New York City’s muggy season.

I did notice that the products have perfume added in. At first, I was concerned. Most perfumes are comprised of nasty additives and chemicals. However, I was informed by Fuel that the fragrence is made of natural ingredients including Argentinian mate leaves and Indonesian patchouli. The natural scents and essential oils have a very short shelf life, which means they aren’t gross peservatives! Massive win!

I absolutely love the smell of each product and couldn’t be happier with Fuel’s decision to use healthy ingredients for the perfume. 

Overall, I love that these products are kind to our animal friends, as well as to our own health by avoiding toxins. They left my hair feeling nourished, soft, and protected from elements. I look forward to styling my hair with these products for future shoots.

Below I used the Curl Defining Lotion and the Frizz-Free Shine Mist.

Fuel Vegan hair products review Fuel Vegan hair products review Fuel Vegan hair products review


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