What To Eat While Heading To Krasnoyarsk Via Trans-Siberian Train

Trans-Siberian train meals

As the third largest city in Siberia and boasting some of the most beautiful scenery along the Trans-Siberian train route, there is no wonder that many of the passengers can’t wait to stop at Krasnoyarsk. Indeed, people who simply cannot get enough of Russian dishes after travelling fairly extensively throughout the former Soviet Union are bound to be itching to sample the culinary delights of Krasnoyarsk.

And although it might be easy for Westerners travelling on one of the Trans-Siberian routes to find food they are familiar with such as Italian pizza or Bulkan dishes once they have stopped at Krasnoyarsk, there are plenty of opportunities to try out Russian meals in the city. Of course, one way for people planning to visit this popular region of Siberia after booking a Trans-Siberian train journey to learn more about the food in Krasnoyarsk would be to look online. You can find great ideas on how to best spend your time in Krasnoyarsk, including cool places to eat, for those who want to include the destination in their Trans-Siberian train adventure.

Russian Dishes

Trans-Siberian train Russian Meals To Try

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Although it is not difficult to find various types of restaurants in Krasnoyarsk that cover a range of dishes from different parts of the globe, Trans-Siberian passengers determined to eat Russian food in the city will not be left disappointed by the beautiful dishes offer. As Krasnoyarsk is located on the banks of the Yenisei River and is surrounded by picturesque mountains to both the south and north of the city, it shouldn’t be hard to book a table at a restaurant with a fantastic view.

Potential passengers of one of the popular Trans-Siberian routes who know that they can check out this Trans Siberian railway map when visiting the site of a provider of such railway trips, may be on the right track to enjoying a memorable stop at Krasnoyarsk. However, rather than being in too much of a hurry when deciding on which of the three main routes to take on a Trans-Siberian journey, it would be best to mull over all the options first. Food lovers who are looking forward to sampling some of the best Russian dishes in restaurants in Krasnoyarsk may want to whet their appetite by looking at the following restaurant recommendations:  

  1. Hozyain Taigi
  2. Bistrot De Luxe Home
  3. Gadalov
  4. Garden Grille and Bar
  5. Funt Myoda
Siberian Supper

Most people who have spent some time in Siberia will appreciate the importance of food that could help residents or visitors in this region of Russia keep warm — especially during the colder months of the year where temperatures can plummet. Moreover, although Krasnoyarsk may not have sights that would be historically and culturally important for the whole of Russia, the city provides an overall mild climate and is welcoming to new guests. Therefore, anyone travelling along the Trans-Siberian route who is dying to go out and eat tasty Russian food should be able to not only do so, but have a thoroughly good time in the process.

Trans-Siberian train Siberian Food

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In fact, Krasnoyarsk at night can be a very pleasant place to dine out with our partner, friends or even when travelling on our own — especially near the Yenisei River.

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