Discover The New Way of Wearing Fishnet Stockings

fishnet stockings

The Trend

Fishnet stockings have a remarkable history in fashion, and they are being reinvented once more as the must have accessory under ripped jeans. The idea of this trend is to have the classic fishnet stocking pop out from unexpected places. Like bare ankles, rips in jeans, and possibly under athletic wear?

What To Look For

For winter the color that is most prominent is black, but come spring, embrace the nude colored fishnet stockings and pair it with fun an ankle boot. It makes for a great transitional look while keeping with the trend. Another way to make the trend your own is by playing with the different patterns as well as sizing of the fishnet stockings.  I prefer the medium netting under ripped jeans similar to how This Time Tomorrow wore it.

It’s Fun Because

This is probably one of the most inexpensive trends to buy into with a cost of tights starting around $10. It is also a simple and easy way to add a bit of texture and style to your look.

Would You Wear It?

Have you been spotting this trend? What is your favorite way of wearing the look? Let me know in the comments if and how you would rock fishnet stockings.

fishnet stockings

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  1. I’ve been seeing this look around, and it’s such a cool trend! I love the idea of fishnet stockings under some ripped boyfriend jeans.

    Kathryn •

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