Finding Your Match: Where To Find Dates

where to find your next date

Hello again! We are half way through the relationship portion of the LOVE Series. We’ve discussed the heavy topics, such as what a healthy relationship looks like, being whole in a relationship, and red flags to notice. Now comes the fun stuff, actually dating and meeting your match. If you are single, stick around as I am diving into where to meet your next date and also what places to avoid. Um, spoiler alert, dating apps are not where you’ll find your husband and should be deleted, every single which one of them. Find out why below.

Where To Find Dates

This is my little secret that I am willing to share with the whole internet, and that’s where to find a date. Not just any kind of dateable person, but those who are ambitions, goal driven, and the type you’d bring home to the parents. Okay, ready? The two fool proof places are Starbucks and airports. Random, but it works. The reason why is because neither place is often visited thinking I am going to find my soulmate here today. It is an organic, common ground, place to meet others. Also, typically you are heading to Starbucks or the airport during the day, sober, and attentive. Again, qualities you want to have to make the best judgement in character.

Obviously there are more places to head to that are very similar to the two I mentioned above. The trick is to find a common meeting place, that takes place during the daytime, and often attracts hardworking or like minded individuals. You can immediately cross bars and clubs off the list. The gym is kind of a shady place too, because more and more people are “trying” to make a connection there. I would stick to coffee shops, transportation or travel locations, events that you are passionate about (seminars, sports outings, movies), and friend gatherings. If they are friends with your friends, probably a good person to connect with. Except for that weird friend who happens to come around when they need something, check for references first! I am only half joking on that one.

Secondly, I love the quote, when we stop looking that’s when we find it. I truly believe that when I am not on the search for a date, that’s when they pop up. However, this is a rule that differs from person to person.

Why You Should Avoid Dating Apps and Websites

I get it, they are convenient and tempting, and it’s so easy to swipe. Here is the thing, most predators scout out their next victim on dating apps. Hi Dear John, looking at you. In all seriousness, apps and websites are the perfect setup for Narcissists and Cluster B personality disorders to scout out for potential new supply sources. Your information, what you like and dislike, is all right there for them to line right up with you and win you over. Plus they are capable of talking to multiple people at one time, conveniently and fast. If you aren’t aware of what narcissistic personality disorder is like, the short version is they feed off of love from others while they emotionally and mentally abuse their victims. They need people as a supply source to function because they are incapable of loving themselves.

Now, that doesn’t mean everyone on there is a narcissist or cluster B, however, why even take the chance? These people are incredibly charming, manipulative, and tactful that you won’t even know they are toxic until it is a little too late and you’re under their control. In my humble opinion, dating apps and websites are not worth the risk. Here is a great article that goes into more depth on why to avoid online dating.

Question Of The Day

Where have you had the best luck in finding dates? Let me know in the comments!


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  2. I enjoyed online dating in my first two years of uni, I wasn’t really bothered about finding someone too “decent” but for now I’ve given up on dating to focus on myself and I’m enjoying it.

    One thing about airports, what if they’re travelling to the opposite side of the world to you? aha

    The Quirky Queer

  3. This is a very interesting Blog. I like the the areas you discussed about finding a potential date. My sister is in her late thirties and has defiantly shared her horror stories about online sites and app. I’ll have to share this with her!

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