Favorite Youtuber and Style Tips For Staying Warm

favorite youtuber

Hi loves!

Today’s post is short and sweet. I apologize that it isn’t my typical trend report or lookbook, but don’t you worry! I am in the process of writing up a ton of new and fun posts for you, so stay tuned for that. I am also in the process of adding new discussion pieces, and revamping how this blog will work! I am beyond thrilled and excited to add those pieces into the blog soon. I really think you are going to enjoy them.

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But today, I wanted to share one of my absolutely favorite fashion Youtuber, Tess Christine. I was able to meet her last fashion week at Lulu’s style studio. She was there with her photographer boyfriend and I nearly fell over. I have been watching your clips for inspiration for years. I really enjoy the way she edits her pieces, styles her looks, and explains the process of pulling together accessories. Plus she is super sweet in person. As I always love promoting and helping fellow Girl Bosses, I wanted to share her latest video with you on how to stay warm during the winter months.

I hope you enjoy!




What fashion Youtuber do you find inspiration from? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. You are so lucky you met your favorite youtuber! That sounds like a very sweet meet-up. She sounds really humble. My favorite Youtuber is Pony from PonyMakeup. I love her makeup tutorials. She’s a celebrity in Korea though so I don’t think I’d meet her anytime soon.

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