My Favorite Apps To Use During New York Fashion Week

This is my second installment of how to prepare for New York Fashion Week. Yesterday, I did a run down on what to wear to New York Fashion Week. Today I am sharing my top apps to use during New York Fashion Week! Even if you aren’t attending the shows, these will help you prep for a big event especially around the holiday season. Check it out!

Organize My Schedule

To start GPS Radar is a must to download. For the most part, it will keep your schedule organized as well as an easy way to have tickets on hand.

Google Calendar is another helpful tool to see a list of what’s coming up on the agenda and the location for each event. Also, when you link it to your Google Home, your assistant can read your schedule out loud for you!

Video and Photography Apps

Photoshop Express, VSCO, Aviary and Snapseed are the apps I use to edit my images. I run the photo through Snapseed first and then through Aviary before posting on Instagram. Snapseed has similar tools as photoshop (dodge and burn, selective brightness) while Aviary does a great job tuning image color and lighting. VSCO has great filters to keep your Instagram Feed cohesive, and Photoshop Express is perfect for edition portraits without changing skin tones too much.

Glam Apps

The Drybar app is easy to use to schedule a blow out between shows are before a big event. They are my personal favorite blowout bar but feel free to use and download the app of your favorite blowout bar.

Rent The Runway in case you need an extra look for an after party you were invited to last minute. Being in New York City, they do have same day delivery.


Lyft, Uber are all great ways to get around New York City. Just check the traffic before you book, sometimes mass transit is faster depending on the location and time of day.

Hope this helps! Let me know in the comments below what you’d like further explanation on or are curious about. These apps are what I use during the hectic week, and will help carry you through as well. Enjoy!


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