Fashion That Makes A Difference

Fashion That Makes A Difference

Every girl knows the secret to feeling great is looking great. It is one of the oldest tricks in the book. It is that notion of pulling clothes out of your closet, trying on different shoes with different bags, putting your face on and then standing in front of the mirror to find out you look a million bucks and thus feel a million bucks. It’s that small pleasure in life that fills us with the kind of self-confidence and body-bravado that gives us an extra springy step when we walk.

But what if there was fashion out there that went one step further. Fashion that made us feel intrinsically awesome for a whole bunch of other reasons. What if there was fashion out there that just kept on giving, that had a cause, that made your money have more purpose than filling your closet.

Well, the good news is we’re not describing an unobtainable utopia because there are brands out there doing exactly that, and we’ve pulled the best of them together for you to embrace and celebrate and wear to your body’s content.


This one is for the men in your life. The aim of Mangata is as big, bold, and beautiful as they come: to create swimwear that doesn’t just focus on style and comfort but makes the world a better place to live. Mangata does just that through its ethical policies. The swimwear brand creates trunks out of recycled plastics. Most of the plastic sourced has been pulled out of the oceans and seas, which, as we all know, is taking a pretty heavy toll from consumer waste. What makes Mangata truly beautiful, though, is their energy policy they have adopted. It isn’t just about making swimwear out of waste. It is about using less energy in the process, keeping packaging to a bare minimum, and promoting wash bags that catch the microfibers in each wash. So, if you want to save the world and look good doing it, then you need to add at least one pair of Mangata swim shorts to your man’s drawer and tell the world about them.


Critically Endangered Socks

The concept is as beautiful as it is simple: to help protect the critically endangered animals facing extinction. The way Critically Endangered Socks has gone about undertaking this huge challenge is what makes them truly amazing. If you go to their site, you will find beautiful socks, each one adorning a different animal logo on the ankle. Once a specific style has sold out, that’s it; it’s gone forever – representing much of what they are trying to prevent happening to the critically endangered animal it is representing. Additionally, 50% of the profits from each design goes toward endangered animals through a mix of charitable donations and programs. The Borneo orangutan, the Hawksbill turtle, the Sumatran elephant, the Maui dolphin and the Amur leopard. Loading your top right drawer with these socks won’t just up your foot game, it will help animals that need protection. It’s an amazing cause and one that will make you feel as awesome as you look.


Spektrum Glasses

Believe it or not, how your dress has a huge impact on everything from your mood to your productivity, and that is something Spektrum has tapped into with its glasses. People who wear glasses appear to be smarter, which makes it one of the best labels to have slapped on your back – so long as you can deliver. Well, Spektrum has made this possible by creating glasses that don’t just look great on your face or block 100% of the UV light; they have created glasses that are specifically designed to protect your eyes from the kind of blue light that computer, laptop, and smartphone screens emit. This is an amazing idea for so many reasons. Reasons that stretch from fewer migraines to increased concentration and even a better night’s sleep. Seriously, what’s not to love.



The rise of the welly boot has been staggering. What was once a clunky item of footwear people wore when the weather turned miserable has become a fashion accessory that festival goers around the world have embraced. But forget all those popular name brand wellies because no welly boot is more amazing than those made by My Gumboot. What’s makes them so darn special? Well first, they are made from recycled chewing gum. That’s right. Chewing gum. Buying a pair of these boots means you will be helping to divert a huge amount of gum waste from heading to a) landfill or b) street sidewalks. But that isn’t the only good deed these little legends are doing. For every pair of boots you buy, they donate a pair to children living on the Cluj landfill dump in Romania, working with the incredible Small Steps Charity to ensure this aid is delivered to those that need it most. That has to be one of the best causes ever imagined, designed, developed and delivered, and one that will make you smile every time you see your wellies at the front door.


Fairfax & Favour

This luxury shoe company has only been up and running for four years and already it has redefined what it means to be quintessentially stylish. But alongside its luxury footwear and bags, they also do their part for charity, namely Breast Cancer Care, in which they have consistently raised tens of thousands of dollars through limited edition items. Last year it was pink tassel that attaches to their boots, in which 100% of the proceeds went to the charity. This year, they released a limited edition pink belt with the same reasons behind the push. It is one of those things that makes a purchase more than worthwhile, your money is going to a great cause. The kind of thing that makes your reason to invest and wear something that much bigger than it just looks amazing.


So, yeah, the utopia we talked about. The one where fashion can go further than just being worn is already happening, and it is amazing.

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