Everything You Need For A Perfect Thanksgiving

Everything You Need For Thanksgiving

It is mere weeks away, that glorious day many have been waiting for since last year. Thanksgiving is the feast of all feasts. A time where friends and family come together to give thanks and eat a whole tone of delicious food. If you are hosting this year, here is everything you need for a perfect Thanksgiving. From coasters to place cards, and of course plenty of dishware options. I also included fun games and trinkets to play with after the main event.

Tips For A Perfect Thanksgiving

The biggest tip when it comes to hosting Thanksgiving dinner is to find out if anyone has allergies or eating preferences. This will secure everyone attending feels right at home and is fed to the brim. I am a vegetarian and tell people so they don’t feel bad if I only eat the sides (ahem the best part). Once that is taken care of and the grocery list is made, time to think about dishware. I really love Villeroy & Boch for plating options. They are timeless dishware that last a lifetime. I’ve included the set that my family has below.

If you are planning on serving wine at dinner, there is an incredible deal of 6 bottles of 2006 Norton Privada that, if ordered now, will arrive before Thanksgiving. This is an amazing steal if you are hosting a larger group.

Once all the food and drinks are taken care of, it’s time to think about the festive details. Adding a touch of holiday decor really makes the table setting and the atmosphere come together. Your guests will appreciate the little touches. Place cards and place card holders are a great way to decorate the table and welcome your loved ones to the meal. I think these pumpkin place card holders are super cute. Another cute touch is hanging a wreath or having greeneries on the table. Candles and table runners are also beautiful ways to decorate the table.

 Everything You Need For A Perfect Thanksgiving


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  1. This year will be the third year that my husband & I are hosting. We are both vegans as are a handful of our friends, so we have an all-vegan thanksgiving potluck. I love so many of the things you shared. I’m going to buy the pumpkin place settings as soon as I’m done typing this comment so thanks a lot! Hahaha

    Kara Aragon

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