Everyday Styling Tips For The Man In Your Life

Everyday Styling Tips For The Man In Your Life

If you’ve assumed the role of stylist in your relationship, there are various scenarios to cater for. With Christmas coming up, you may be thinking about putting party outfits together for your partner or buying some new threads to go under the tree. It’s hugely exciting to plan for special occasions, but don’t forget about the importance of looking and feeling good on a daily basis. If you’ve got a fashionable man in your life, and you’re looking for style tips, here are some suggestions to help them work it 9 to 5.

The everyday heroes

If your man doesn’t have a uniform and needs a work-friendly wardrobe, it’s wise to invest in a collection of basics and everyday heroes. Think carefully about the kind of job your partner has and make sure you’re familiar with the dress code. If your other half has an active job, comfort is as important as style. Go for a classic pant like the Dickies 874 and add basic long-sleeve t-shirts, fleeces, and zip-up jackets. If your partner works in an office and their day typically involves meeting clients, you can’t go wrong with formal, well-fitted trousers, crisp shirts, and blazers. It’s also wise to have a couple of suits just in case there’s an important meeting or dinner looming.

Winter essentials

When you’re putting a work wardrobe together, you need to factor in seasonal changes. You don’t want your other half to be trudging around the streets of the city in linen pants and a short-sleeved shirt when it’s freezing outside. As winter approaches, take a look at jackets, coats, sweaters, as well as shoes and boots that will keep those toes warm. Swap lightweight fabrics for heavier materials. Try wools and opt for patterns like tweed and plaid rather than florals or paisley prints. Three-quarter length woolen coats are an excellent investment for those who more formal attire on a daily basis. If you’re catering to a guy with an outdoor job in construction or agriculture, go for a padded jacket that will withstand the elements.

Injecting some color

Nobody wants to wear black, white and gray every single day. If you’re sticking to a formal, understated dress code, you don’t want to go crazy with color, but adding a splash of color will liven up the ensemble. Use accessories, such as ties, pocket squares or hats to finish off the outfit in style. Opt for shades like burgundy, red, moonlight blue, navy or emerald green in the cooler months and pastel pink, orange, yellow, and bright blue in the summer.

Do you take an interest in your partner’s style? Are you always on the lookout for pieces to add to their closet? If you’re an enthusiastic amateur stylist and you’re keen to inject some serious style into your partner’s 9 to 5 wardrobe, hopefully, this guide has given you some ideas and inspiration. Invest in brilliant basics, add a touch of color, and use accessories and statement buys, like a stylish winter coat, to create outfits that are both comfortable and chic.

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