Embedding Rustic Chic Into Modern Kitchen Living

Embedding Rustic Chic Into Modern Kitchen Living

When it comes to living in the modern world, most of us have known no different. Possessing a smartphone might simply be one of the many beautiful implements you have brought into your home. The modern world is interconnected, always online, and minimalist in styling. If you live in an urban apartment or townhouse, it’s likely that your home has followed the same or similar design philosophy as all the houses around you. For this reason, it’s important to define the character of your property yourself. People are simply happier when they believe their home feels like their home. A tasteful design can also help improve the value of your home.

We’d argue that the best way to place your own twist on modern decor is to fuse it with the chicness of the past. This can help give your property that timeless feeling, crafting a space that respects eras of the past by while staying fully equipped for the current one. Embedding rustic chic into modern living can be achieved in the following ways:

Switch Oven Styles

Sometimes, a strict gas or electric oven isn’t up to par. Installing an always-on, heat-based oil oven can not only help you heat your house through an alternate source, but manufacturers such as Aga design their equipment to look jaw-droppingly stunning. These designs are revolutionized takes on the same design the company has held for decades. Why sacrifice originality and innovation for a beautiful product, and vice versa? Here, not only will your cooking habits improve to accommodate the new system, but the aesthetic of your home will improve tenfold.

Matching Furniture Sets

It’s important to select the right furniture set when setting up your dining room. Yes, setting up a different room to eat, or carving out space in your kitchen, is paramount to enjoying rustic chic. TV or quick, easy and forgettable dinner experiences are in the past. In a common household, the dinner time is considered a great event of tremendous social familial import during the day. For this reason, investing in this process as much as possible with wooden and substantial kitchen furniture can redefine what you mean by mealtime. Allow for your own taste when it comes to the design, but be sure it fits with your centralized theme.


Refrigerating your food is, of course, a must-have. This is the one piece of equipment you can’t do without. For this reason, it’s the one piece of equipment that should fit within the feel of your kitchen while adding a fit of style. For example, the Smeg range of refrigerators sports its own unique style, in keeping with that post-war 50’s style. After all, the company was originally founded in 1948, and they have stuck hard and fast to their diner-inspired roots. These beautiful fridges are innovated, improved yet still retaining the design of the original idea. Coupled with an Aga, your kitchen’s main appliances could be considered the most time-honored yet modern any of your acquaintances have seen.

With these tips, you’re sure to embed rustic chic into your modern kitchen living.

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