Talk Yourself Into Your Dreams

Talk To Yourself Into Your Dreams

A lot of times we’ve heard the phrase “Trust Your Gut Instincts”, that very quiet guiding voice directing our steps. This article isn’t about that voice. This article is about combating that really loud, obnoxious self-doubting, self-defeating voice that flares up every time we try something new.

An example most of us can relate to is when we are running or exercising. There’s often a moment on a run when it starts to feel uncomfortable, tinges of pain sets in, and a loud booming voice of  “I can’t do this!” usually follows right after. Instead of listening to the “I can’t, it’s too painful, I will never make it” start talking to yourself with words of encouragement.

My Personal Experience

I did this one day while working out. It was a grueling workout, and I had never pushed my body to that limit before. I mean, muscles were working I didn’t even knew I had! I wanted so badly to give up. My mind went straight to, “this is too difficult, I want to stop.” But then the instructor began repeating those magical words, “You can do this, it is easy, it is a cinch!” Something magical happened. My body began to work faster and harder. I found a new source of energy to power through and finish the workout. Immediately I thought, wow I need to apply this to the rest of my life.

When we stop listening to the self-doubt and overthrow it with words of empowerment, there is a shift that occurs. More energy is available, more strength and peace. Things begin to become easier, doors open that were once shut.

Think of it this way, would you invest energy into something that you think is going to fail? The answer is no. How about the opposite. How much more drive, ambition, and energy will invest in something you knew for certain will work. The answer is probably throwing everything you’ve got. That’s what happen when we mentally decide whether we can do something or not. We automatically determine how much energy to invest into a situation, and it is impacted by whether we believe we can do it! 

Convert This Theory Into Goal Getting

Now, think about what you have set for yourself: career goals, health goals, relationship goals. Whatever it is, start talking yourself into your dreams. Wake up in the morning saying “I got this!” When you feel like calling it quits around a dream you’ve been pursuing, say “I am almost there, I can do this”. When you are working towards a big health goal, start talking positively about your progress. Say to yourself internally or out loud “I am more than able to do this.”

It is easy to believe in the fear… I’ll never make it, I’ll never lose this weight, I can never be successful, I am never getting married. Somewhere down the line, our brains have been programmed to drift towards the fear instead of the faith that it will all work out. Fear feels like a very comfortable place to dwell because that’s been our main mindset for so long. But the cool thing is, our brains are programmable. We can change that pattern. The more we practice using this muscle to cheer ourselves on through hardship and obstacles, the easier it becomes. It will become your primary thought. Your boss gives you a huge task, you’ll automatically think “Bring it on, I got this.”

Repeat through the next challenge you face,  “I can do this! I got this, I am strong enough to complete this. I am more than able.” See what happens! See what comes alive, watch for miracles. If you really want to strengthen that empowering voice, not only talk yourself into your dreams but also visualize it. I can write another article just on the art of visualization if you want.

Question Of The Day

Have you tried talking yourself into your dreams before? Let me know your experience in the comments below!

Talk To Yourself Into Your Dreams


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