Don’t Look For A Job, Make The Jobs Come To You

Jobs Come To You

What if instead of having to look for a job, you could make the jobs come to you? As crazy as this may sound, it is possible to sit back and persuade the employers and recruiters come to you. You will of course need to do a bit of legwork in order to make this happen. Here are just a few examples of ways to make the jobs come to you.

Network, network, network

Knowing the right people can help you when looking for a job. Certain people within your network may be able to notify you of job openings that you weren’t aware of. It’s possible that you may even know somebody that works in your ideal trade – they may be able to tell you when a vacancy is coming up and even put a good word in for you.

If you’re certain you don’t know anyone within your trade, you may have to be a little proactive and go out looking for these types of people. Going to events can be a great way of doing this. If you’re ideal trade is web programming, consider events that are likely to attract people in this trade such as website-themed seminars, digital trade fairs and hackathons.      

Advertise yourself on Facebook

You can also use Facebook to get a job. Posting a status on your wall that you’re looking for a job could be one simple way of doing this – someone in your network of friends may be able to point you in the right direction. Of course, this strategy isn’t recommended if you’re still in a job and are friends with your manager.

Closed groups could be a better place to advertise yourself to employers. Most towns and city districts have community Facebook pages that you may be able to join. These are great pages to post an advertisement – you may find that you get a few employers coming back to you. Alternatively, you may be able to find a closed group related to a niche industry that interests you. Make sure to always read the guidelines of these groups to ensure that posting promotional content is permitted.

Improve your LinkedIn page

Recruiters and employers may approach you on LinkedIn if your profile stands out enough. This social media site is dedicated to professional networking and is worth joining if you haven’t already got an account.

A good LinkedIn profile can act much like a digital public CV. Make sure to list all relevant experience and use keywords to help make your page more searchable for recruiters. Your LinkedIn headline is particularly important – make sure that this contains the job title that you want. Regularly updating your status can also get you noticed.

Start your own blog/vlog

Starting a blog or a vlog can also be great for attracting recruiters. It can be a chance to show off your knowledge and enthusiasm for your dream industry, whether that’s hair & beauty or music.

You can start a blog using platforms such as WordPress and Blogger. Make sure that any content is high quality and professional if you want to make a good impression to employers. Having a contact page could also be useful in case a talent scout stumbles across your blog and wants to get in contact.

Starting a vlog could be another option – this is a blog using video content. YouTube is the most popular site for hosting vlogs. As with your blog, you should keep this professional if you want to use it to make a good impression to potential employers.

Learn skills that are in demand

You can also attract employers by possessing in-demand skills. This includes many digital skills such as programming, data analytics, app development, SEO and video editing. Such skills could be great to highlight on your LinkedIn page.

There could even be hot topics that you can study and get qualifications centred around. This USC article talks about some of the important topics right now in American law that could be worth studying if you want to become a lawyer – studying a niche course or modules centred around these topics and mentioning this on your LinkedIn page could help you to get discovered by recruiters.

Sign up to recruitment agencies

Signing up to a recruitment agency could be another way of encouraging the job to come to you. A recruitment agency can take your CV and pair it up with the best vacancies out there suited to your interests and experience. There are many agencies out there, including some that specialize in niche industries. You can even pay some agencies to help you find a job – although this isn’t recommended unless the agency has a very good reputation (always read reviews to gage whether they are a credible company or not).

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