Don’t Let The Cold Winter Ruin Your Day

Don’t Let The Cold Winter Ruin Your Day

Unless you’ve been living under a rock during the past few weeks, it’s likely that you’ve noticed the coming of winter: The temperatures have dropped, the rain and the snow have replaced the sunny summer days, and more and more people are walking around with a red and sniffly nose and a bag full of tissues. You can’t deny it any longer: Winter doesn’t always show the best in people. Cracked lips are a common and extremely painful complaint of hundreds of individuals who are left unable to smile for days. For others, it’s red and sore skin on the hands as soon as the first cold winds blow outside. You’ll be lucky if you can survive the cold season without catching a cold – and everybody knows that colds are the worst because they can last for weeks. However, it doesn’t mean that you should let winter ruin your days and damage your mood. You can stay healthy and stylish despite the cold weather and here’s how:

Look after your skin and your hair

Your skin can suffer a lot in winter when the cold and harsh temperatures become more aggressive. Redness, soreness, dryness and even cracked skin are not uncommon for those who have sensitive skin. Therefore you need to change your skincare regime during the winter to adjust to the new needs and external factors. Switch your antiperspirant treatment for a face mask to hydrate your skin as the cold can dry it out. You will also need to choose rich creams in winter – as opposed to light summer alternatives that are designed to avoid the oily skin feeling. But that’s not all. Your hair too needs to be protected from the cold that could damage it. If you want to wear a beanie but avoid the hat hair; you can wrap your hair in a silk scarf before putting on your wool beanie. You should also use a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week to nourish the hair.

Warm and stylish

Of course, layering can be a great way to fight off the cold. But let’s be honest, the onion skin clothing style is not always stylish. Instead, you should invest in one of two quality items that can keep you warm throughout the season. Wide leg pants have always been a thing, and they continue to be highly fashionable this winter – with luxury and thick winter fabrics such as cashmere, corduroy and wool. A pair of high waisted, draped pants can create an elegant and classy silhouette while keeping your cozy!

Keeping warm and indulging

Winter means comfort food, right? Wring ! Your seasonal cravings are the result of hormonal and emotional reactions to the weather, also called SAD syndrome. High fat and sugar foods will not get your warmer; it will only impact of your dress size! Instead, focus on getting healthy vitamins from fruits and vegs, and keep yourself warm with a hot cup of tea!

In short, look after yourself this winter. There’s no reason for the cold to ruin your style, your beauty and your health. Stay strong and take the right decisions!


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