Do You Invest Enough Time In Yourself?

Do You Invest Enough Time In Yourself?

Ever have one of those days where you seem to run around endlessly for other people? Your boss needs help with a project, but that just means he’s leaving you to do it all. Your friend’s been on the phone 4 times already about her breakup, and it’s only 9 am. Even the dog is demanding another walk. Sometimes you don’t seem to be able to catch a moment that is just for you. Here are simple ways to start investing time into yourself amidst a busy life.

Feeling Good

Being so busy for other people can often leave you feeling under appreciated and even used. When you have no time to stop and reflect on what you’re feeling, emotions can bubble up unexpectedly. This might lead you to say or do something you later regret. You can avoid this from happening by keeping a journal and committing to writing your feelings down in it every day.

Of course, there are plenty of things you can do to make sure you feel good within yourself and your day. Exercise is one of the best ways to release those happy hormones called endorphins. You only have to do about twelve minutes of active exercise to start benefitting. Best of all, the exercise will keep you in good shape so you can feel good about your body too.

Having a massage is an amazing way to help you feel good. It’s a great way to release all the tension that builds up over the day. There are lots of different massage therapies that you might benefit from. Why not make it a weekly appointment? It’s not self-indulgent or selfish – it’s good for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. So go on!

Looking Good

We all worry about our appearance, whether we think we should be or not. We check our weight, apply cosmetics, and dress to flatter our body shape. But if you’re still not feeling good about the way you look, you might need to take a step back from the mirror and rethink your approach.

If you need to lose weight, remember it can’t possibly happen overnight. And if you’re worried about those lines and wrinkles becoming noticeable, then consider adjusting your skincare. Websites like can help you to understand which cosmetic treatments apply to each problem you might be worried about. Always research your options before making big decisions to change the way you look.

Of course, sometimes all you need is a luxe new outfit. Retail therapy often helps us feel a little better. Be wary, though. It is often short-lived until the credit card bill comes in. If you’re going to invest in fashion, then why not book a personal shopper to help you here. It’s fun, and they might have some new style tips for you.


Your school and college days might be long behind you, but that doesn’t mean your education should stop. Investing in yourself can include giving your resume a boost with a new qualification. You might choose to take a short course at the local community center. Or maybe you’re ready to tackle that MBA? It doesn’t matter what it is or what part of your life it benefits. Take a moment to pick a course and run with it.

You might choose to take a course to further a hobby or interest you have. If you like baseball, you might become a coach and learn how to do that formally. Or if you fancy becoming a beauty therapist you might start with a simple massage course. Perhaps you always wanted to learn to play the piano? Websites like might be helpful to show you how. Why not start lessons right now?

The best thing about adding to your formal qualifications or training to do something new is that you don’t have to give up your day job. You can learn new things and take courses online. Or you can try an evening or weekend college. Go at your own pace, and pay as you go so you don’t have to spend all your savings at once. Who knows? You might be able to teach your boss a thing or two when you’re done!


Furthering your education and studies can be a really good move for a career progression too. If you’ve barely got that first rung on the ladder, why not visit a career counselor to see what more you could be doing to progress? Perhaps you’ve still not found the job of your dreams? Or maybe you still have no idea what you should be doing at all? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Lots of people reach their thirties and forties still not knowing what they want to be doing when they grow up!

This is why you should be investing at least a little time to find out. Take the career quizzes, the personality tests, and the job satisfaction surveys. Think about the environment you want to work in. Consider the type of people you want to work with. What would your ideal task be? And which tasks would you never want to do? Now get out there and start applying for jobs you want. If nothing else, ask your current boss for a promotion and a pay rise. He might just say yes!

Good Friendships

Good friendships are actually really hard to find. This is why it is so easy to find yourself stuck with people that drain you. Friendships should be about supporting each other, not just propping the other person up. If you’re feeling dragged down and used, then it’s time to break away from that person. The relationship should work both ways, and it should feel supportive, beneficial, and positive.

Negative feelings do you no good, so try to stay away from friends who don’t have a positive outlook on life. Worried you’ll be all alone? Join a club, start a group, or just get chatting with someone you like the look of. Friendships are easier to start than you think. Now all you have to do is nurture it. Are you investing enough time for you? Make sure you are giving back to yourself as much as you are giving to others. 

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  1. I love this post! As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to put myself as a priority. It seemed selfish at first to say no to people, or do things that make me happy knowing it may make others not-so-happy, but I’ve since learned that it’s not always selfish, & even if it is, it’s okay to be a little selfish here & there if it’s truly for a better benefit. As for the specifics, I’m currently doing so most in education. Not for a career, but for fun. I’m learning Spanish with my husband, & various new arts n craft like skills. I want to add an instrument to the list, but I know time isn’t just infinite haha.

    Kara Aragon

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