Design an Island Style Bedroom for a Relaxing Sanctuary

Design an Island Style Bedroom for a Relaxing Sanctuary

Spending time relaxing on a Caribbean island, or any island, is often a chance to get away from it all. Unfortunately, it’s not something we can do all the time – not unless we’re willing to relocate. If you never want to let go of that feeling of island living, why not bring it into your home? Turning your bedroom into an island sanctuary allows you to feel like you’re always on vacation. There are a few different influences that you might draw on, but you can choose to follow a few simple rules if you want to create a room that would be at home on almost any island.

Use Natural Materials

One of the best ways to introduce an island feel to your bedroom is to use natural materials. The more natural they look, the better your bedroom will match the island style that you want. Choose materials such as rattan, raffia and bamboo, as well as different types of wood, to get that natural feel. While you might think that these materials can look cheap or too rustic, it’s easier than you might think refine them a little. Try pairing with materials like leather and cotton, which are still natural but instantly adds sophistication to the room.

Design an Island Style Bedroom for a Relaxing Sanctuary

Bring in Plants

To bring even more nature into your bedroom, add some plants! If you don’t want to worry about looking after them, you can just choose artificial plants, instead of real ones. When you’re choosing your plants, large and leafy choices will go well with your island theme. You might also want to choose some tropical flowers and perhaps even some hanging baskets. Whether or not you choose to have any plants in your room, you can also use plant patterns and motifs on your bedding and other items.

Make Use of Neutrals

Neutral shades are a great choice for your island inspired bedroom. Creams and browns give you the natural look you need, and you can use lots of different shades and textures. Combine your neutral colors with a pale yellow or some splashes of blue, green or even pink. Super bright colors might not work out, but you can try out some small accents to see if you like the added pop of color. If you choose any bright shades, pair them with lighter neutral colors instead of darker ones to help them stand out more without being too overwhelming.

Embrace Traditional Styles

There are some great traditional styles that you can borrow from for your island bedroom. Island style in the Caribbean and elsewhere in the world has been influenced by lots of different elements, so you can find something that works for you. Choose a beautiful nightstand made from natural wood in a colonial style or a bed inspired by plantation decor. Mix these traditional styles with more modern touches if you’re worried about your bedroom looking too old-fashioned.

Create your island style bedroom and you can live the island life all of the time.

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