Day 9: Find an eating plan & community that works for you

Day 9: Find an eating plan & community that works for you

We are hydrated, our minds are flowing in the right direction, and now it is time to embrace the outer world! It’s time to find a community that will support our journey, who we relate with, and find solace in one another’s stories.

We are also on the journey to find what eating plan works for us! I’ve found when it comes to meal plans, every single person will react differently. Our bodies are different, and therefore it makes sense that not one way of eating will work for everyone. Our job is to find what feels the best. I’ll explain more below!

An Eating Plan That Works

An eating plan, or meal plan, isn’t a diet. It’s not meant to be restrictive, nor is the main goal to lose weight. Instead, it’s the framework for how we would like to fuel and treat our bodies. It’s the broad guidelines that gives us directions when shopping for food. Eventually, after a few months, it become a natural state of living.

For example, my eating plan is vegan at home and vegetarian when out in restaurants. Why? My body reacts better, runs smoother, I have less skin problems, I feel more energized when I eat vegan. However, I have found it difficult going out with friends to find options to eat at restaurants. I made it a point to never starve myself, and therefore know it’s okay to eat dairy if I need to.

Other eating plans include: raw vegan, pescatarian, paleo, keto, or regular (typical meat, grain, veggies combo). Basically, each meal should consist of a protein, grain/starch, and fat. Play around to see what vegetables work for you, what proteins are you favorite, what kind of healthy desserts you prefer.

If you are looking for recipes, I’ve found plenty of suggestions on Pinterest and Instagram. I also use a ton of Tone It Up recipes for vegan treats!

Find A Community

As I just mentioned, I frequently turn to Tone It Up for delicious treats and meal options. I also happen to be apart of their community! I signed up last year (one time membership fee) and found so many like minded women who were on their own journey of health and wellness. It’s a body positive community which I love as well. Being around other women, is not only motivating, but also keeps me accountable for treating my body with respect.

There are a plethora of eating communities out there to try that may work better for you, the point is to find a group of women who will support you on your journey. Why? It’s practicing creating healthy relationships, it makes the entire process more memorable and fun, plus it will keep you accountable with the goals you set for yourself. Not only that, but you’ll most likely learn from these groups. Not just about food and wellness, but about life in general! It truly supports an abundant life ahead.

Question Of The Day

How do you want to treat your body in 2019? Let me know in the comments below!


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