Day 3: Feel Empowered

feel empowered

Today is a special day for the detox. We aren’t necessarily letting anything go as much as feeding our mind with empowering thoughts. No matter what situation, head space, or obstacle you are facing, you can get through it. Here are the tips and tricks I use to feel empowered.

From Hopeless to Happiness

Know that you can do anything. Whatever situation you are in, how ever hopeless you may feel, it can all be changed by changing your perspective. There are often several ways to view a situation. Often we are told certain things are bad and certain things are good. For instance, if you lose your job, we are programmed to think that is a bad thing. I challenge you to change your perspective and view it as something beneficial. It can be seen as a tool or method to get you closer to your goals and dreams. It can be a way to pivot you towards an opportunity much more satisfying than your current job.

Another instance, say you are going through a breakup or divorce. That too is mostly registered as a horrible or bad situation. What if, though, we see it as a blessing. What if we change the inner dialogue and perspective to view it as an opportunity to try something new, meet someone new who will teach us even more.

Feeling empowered all starts with our perspective of the situation. It’s once again changing that inner dialogue from negative critiquing to affirming we are on the right track. If we can continue to be our own cheerleader, than nothing can stop us.

Teachings From Tony

The most inspiring examples of feeling empowered through any situation came from Tony Robbins’ documentary, I Am Not Your Guru. In the film, it shared how any situation can be used to make you stronger, more successful, and feel empowered if you challenge yourself to grow from it. It begins with the same principle we used yesterday. Discover what you’re carrying with you, write it down on a piece of paper, and then find ways to remove the blockage that’s holding you back.

I love the quote within the documentary stating, “If you’re going to blame them for the bad, you better blame them for the good as well.” Meaning, if someone has wronged you, they’ve also made you that much stronger. Again, it goes back to challenging yourself to see the situation differently.

Ways To Change

Beyond watching I Am Not Your Guru, I highly suggest writing down any big issue that is blocking you from happiness. For instance, losing a friend, being betrayed by a spouse, overwhelmed by debit, or confronted by a health scare. Now look at ways to change your perspective around the situation. It may involve forgiving a person or forgiving yourself. It may include talking yourself through it, saying, ” I am unstoppable, I can do anything, I am remarkable” until you feel it circling through your veins.

The biggest tip is challenging the inner dialogue that automatically perceives something is wrong and change it to see it as a way to become stronger. Once you do this over and over again, nothing can stop you. Nothing will rock your serenity or stability. That is by far the best place to be in life.

Question Of The Day

Where or when do you feel the most empowered? Let us know so others can practice new ways to feel unstoppable!


  1. I loved this post so much and it was definitely what I needed to read today! I feel unstoppable when I go to the library in my chunky boots, a kick-ass outfit and lipstick. I feel like i’m dressing for the job I want after I graduate and it makes me feel like i’m an unstoppable force! Just a little boost to set my day in the right direction! x

    Jessica –

    1. I am obsessed with how you take care of yourself and dress to feel unstoppable! I can see it now. You go girl! xo, Ellese

  2. Yesterday was only the third day into the new year and I already felt completely hopeless with my goals for the new year! I was hoping to have one done by my birthday in February and I don’t think it’s going to happen. I’ll need to watch this documentary!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

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