Day 14: Importance of Meal Prepping

the importance of meal prepping

I can’t believe this is the last day of “the body” week! Where did the time go? We are ending on a tip that changes the game when it comes to health, and that is meal prepping. I started meal prepping consistently last year, and I noticed it saves time, money, and keeps me nourished. I am also able to hit goals better without having to worry about what’s for lunch. It also eliminates the lethargic feeling of eating out because I wasn’t prepared. I’ll get into more reasons and what tools I use to meal prep below!

The Benefits Of Meal Prepping

First hand experience, I found that meal prepping went far beyond eating healthy consistently. It also helps me:

  • Save money because I am not eating out
  • Save energy by not having to make a decision on what to eat
  • Fills me up with nutritious food consistently, meaning I have more energy to do what I love
  • Save time from making food at each meal time
  • Easier to lose weight, tone up, or maintain my weight, depending on what my health goal is

When I know exactly what I am having through the week, I am less likely grabbing junk food. I am also able to continue to focus on the things that matter in my life like work, family, friends, and working out. Spending an hour or two at the top of the week, really makes a big difference through the week. Plus by meal prepping, you’ll know exactly what to buy at the grocery store so you won’t waste any food or money.

The Tools I Use

I know you’re probably going to get tired of me saying this, but I typically use Tone It Up’s meal plans when there is a challenge happening. It makes my life simple with a provided grocery list, meals all planned out, and recipes attached. They even have a weekly workout schedule that I try to maintain.

Otherwise, I go for my favorite meals and make several portions for the week ahead. For instance, overnight oats, Moroccan stew, tray dinners, rice, and chopped veggies for snacks. I typically have enough for breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks each day ( I eat a LOT, especially if I am training/running). Listen to your body and make sure you have the portions you need to feel full. Dedicate one day a week to prep everything, from cutting veggies to cooking grains. I also bake protein muffins and cookies that day.

If it helps, try writing down your week’s meals so you know you’ve made enough and you know exactly what to buy when shopping. There are plenty of templates on the web if you google meal prep calendars.

The biggest tip is having enough reusable containers for all the food you make. I like glass containers. If your meal plan consists of protein bars, make sure you are all stocked up!

Question Of The Day

I noticed by meal prepping and following through, it gives me the drive to see other goals all the way through. How does meal prepping help you?


  1. Ugh, I believe that meal prepping makes life easier, have learned that the handful of times that I’ve actually managed to meal prep, which really doesn’t happen that often. I know that it isn’t, but it feels like a lot of work, and maybe that’s why I’ve never been that successful at it. I’m definitely going to try again though, this really gave me the push I needed!

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