Day 13: Pamper Your body!

Why Self care and added pamper sessions are needed when detoxing

Wow! I can’t believe we are more than halfway through this series. It been jammed packed with information that helped me gain a new life, and I hope it has been helping you too. Today’s discussion is on why self care and added pamper sessions are needed when detoxing. I am a big believer in rewarding ourselves for the hard work we put in, and doing so in a healthy way. I’ve also included the video I’ve been watching nonstop for the past week, it’s incredibly motivating and sums up exactly what we have been working on. Enjoy!

A Moving Message

Last week, I found this YouTube video randomly while working on the blog. I typically listen to speakers I admire while doing busy work. It helps engage the mind and move it in the direction I want to focus on.

This video popped onto my playlist, and I have listened to it nearly 4 times each day since! The incredible part is that it touches on nearly every single lesson that we’ve discussed up to this point. I am sharing it with you as an added boost of motivation to continue on this detox journey of letting go of our old ways and embracing a better way of living.

Ready For A Pamper Session

After working hard at the gym, eating right, getting our mind moving in a positive direction, we are ready to indulge! Rejoice in the work you’ve put in, even if you feel like you can do better, it’s important to celebrate how hard you’re trying. Believe me, you’re probably further along than you realize, and accomplished more than expected.

This calls for a spa session, a manicure, a pedicure, hair appointment, or a really nice long bubble bath. Have someone else take care of you for a moment, or take an hour to relax in solitude. Whatever feels comforting and indulgent, do that!

I love to check out Groupon for an affordable spa option. It’s incredible how many companies work with Groupon, I typically get a 30-50% off the rate (ps. this is not sponsored, just a true adoration for the brand). Or pick up some bath salt and candles from your favorite store.

Say Thank You

While you are fully indulging, say a quiet thank you to your body and appreciating your mind for getting you to the place you are now. It’s vital we fill ourselves up with love and appreciate in order for us to pass it on to those we love around us. It also allows us to continue on this journey of changing and improving. By making self-discovery and detoxing the junk a fun experience, we are more likely to continue!

Lastly, pamper yourself as often as you need to with these healthy actions. There are no limits to how kind you can be to yourself. The kinder the better.

Question Of The Day

How do you pamper yourself? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I’m doing it right now! Go to a spa and get a great facial. This place has an oxygen room! Can sit and read fun emails and relax at the same time.

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