Now Trending: Cropped Sweaters For Spring

Cropped Sweaters For Spring

Last year during New York Fashion Week, we saw a ton of cropped sweatshirts and sweaters coming down the runway. Take a look at how GCDC did the trend! Spring is finally around the corner where we can rock this new look. I’ve actually have been wearing cropped sweaters most of the winter paired with high waisted jeans. They are cute, fun, and give a flattering shape to the body when styled the right way. You don’t need to go super short if you don’t want to show your midriff. You can always go with high waisted skirts and pants to gap the difference and make the entire look super chic.

The only issue with this trend is that it doesn’t always look best when layered. It can be tempting to later a tank underneath or a bodysuit. While this looks amazing on the models, in real life it can look a bit sloppy. But try it for yourself and see what style you like most! If I were to attempt to layer it, I’d try a sheer or lace bodysuit.

Cropped Sweaters For Spring

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