Bossing It! Could 2018 Be The Year You Make It To The Top?

Could 2018 Be The Year You Make It

The New Year is here, and what better way to start than with grand plans to make it to the top? If you have career goals or you hope to run your own business one day, it’s never too early to start laying the foundations to hit those targets.

Getting a promotion

If you love your job, but you want more, aiming for a promotion is a brilliant way to start the year. To maximize your chances of success, it’s really useful to make your intentions known and to try and ensure that you’re the best candidate you can be. Talk to your boss, show them that you’re committed to the cause and be willing to go the extra mile to get the recognition you deserve. Ask about training to expand your skill set and learn from those above you. If you feel like you’re being overlooked, don’t hesitate to ask questions. If your boss makes it clear that there aren’t going to be opportunities to progress, don’t give up on your ambitions. There may be openings elsewhere, so have a look around and see if there are more senior positions available at other companies.

Setting up on your own

Many people dream of being their own boss. When you’re in charge, you have greater control of your schedule, and you’ll be earning for yourself, rather than others. If you want to set up on your own, make sure you know exactly what it entails before you take the plunge and hand in your notice. Think about how you’re going to turn your ideas into a viable business model and put everything down on paper. You need a sound business plan before you do anything else. If you can work from home, this will minimize running costs and give you more flexibility, but you may need to make some changes. It’s essential to have a dedicated workspace that enables you to focus and concentrate. You may also need to upgrade your Internet package and invest in some new technology or equipment. If your broadband is slow or unreliable, check out companies like Suddenlink Communications and compare prices. Think about what kind of technology, tools, and equipment you use at work and write a list of everything you need. If you’re looking to secure funding for a new startup, go through your business plan with a fine-toothed comb before you attend meetings and make sure you have the facts and figures to hand.

Landing your dream job

If you’re desperate to take steps towards landing your dream job this year, now is the time to start planning. Work out exactly what you need to do and start moving in the right direction. Do you need to undertake training or further study? Do you need more experience to improve your resume? If so, look into programs, workshops, internships and courses now. The sooner you match the person requirements, the sooner you can start applying for roles.

If you’re hoping to climb the career ladder, secure your dream job or be your own boss in 2018, hopefully, this guide has inspired you to start taking the first steps towards hitting those targets. You may not achieve overnight success, but the effort will be worthwhile if you get what you want in the end.


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