Tough Stuff & Chocolate Whip Review

I was so impressed with Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan mousse that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try two other products of theirs. I became wildly interested in the Tough Stuff scrub because I am obsessed with a good scrub. The second product I was curious to test was their Chocolate Whip, because chocolate.

A week later, I received my beautifully wrapped products and began to indulge! First off, hands down love the Tough Stuff scrub. I opened the bottle and the formula is actually pink! What is this amazingness? Where have you been all my life, waiting to brighten up my shower time? I placed a small amount of the pink scrub in my palm and began scrubbing away. Oh it felt so good. Not too rough but definitely got the dead skin off. I was in heaven! My hand felt a little tingly from the abrasion, but my skin felt incredible. I think it is pieces of walnut shell that is used to create the scrub texture. I could be massively wrong about that fact though, but walnut shell is part of the ingredients. The directions stated not to use it on your face, so I didn’t. A proud moment, I actually followed suggested directions.

I can see myself using the scrub at least 3 times a week. Like I stated, it isn’t too abrasive on my skin but wouldn’t recommend it for a daily wash. It is nice to give your skin a chance to breathe and recoup. It is the perfect way to prep for a self-tan as well!

The second product, the Chocolate Whip, I was as excited about as well. I mean how can you not love a product with the word chocolate in it? The formula states it is a great way to hydrate your skin while keeping your tan even. That is completely true. It made my skin feel silky soft, and it is tinted to help with the tan. If you are looking for a product that simply did that, I would totally recommend Chocolate Whip.

The only concern I had was regarding the consistency. When I first place it on my skin it is more watery than expected. When I began rubbing it in, it was slightly sudsy. There were moments I had to make sure I didn’t have to rinse it off later. It takes a few moments for the formula to absorb into your skin as well. Meaning more rubbing than usual. As long as you are aware of these points, and primarily using it as a way to keep your tan longer while staying hydrated it is a great product.

Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff ReviewCocoa Brown Tough stuff and chocolate whip reviewCocoa Brown Tough stuff and chocolate whip reviewCocoa Brown Tough stuff and chocolate whip review


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