A Closer Look at Coach SS’17 line

New York Fashion Week  has ended, and yet we are still eagerly reviewing what we just witnessed on the runway. In the weeks ahead, I’ll do a rundown of trends spotted and how to wear them now. But today is all about Coach; the dramatic redirection of their line, and how Elvis Presely played a big part.

Welcome to 10 Hudson Yards

Thursday September 15th, I finished my last fashion show the day before and was walking the high line up to Coach’s new showroom. The brand new area of New York, Hudson Yard,  is quickly housing some of the biggest brands in beautiful (and massive) skyscrapers. 10 Hudson Yards is the new home for Coach, Lancôme, and more.

Walking through the massive lobby, I was directed to a large wing of the building solely for Coach. The plasma TV above the front desk played their latest commercials. You can see this TV from the high line. It is that huge!

Up ten floors, I arrived to the Coach Showroom, and it was breathtaking. Everything was glass; meeting rooms, the showroom, walls, everything. I looked up and saw a room of business people conducting a meeting a floor above. Transparency is key here, I guess.

Before entering the showroom, there was a barista with a platter of sushi and other snacks.

Coach Spring Summer 2017 Collection

Once in the showroom, I had a quick walk through with the showroom manager. There were only a few other buyers in the room. The simple notes that I received where that Coach presented 45 looks on the runway, and that the collection was inspired by Southwestern vibes, Elvis Presley, and NYC underground rock. Which, with a closers look, you can see all these influences shining through.

There is a large mixture of feminine details (lace, floral, light fabrics) with masculine touches (spikes, leather, metal, bulky materials). It is a much darker and bolder collection than I am use to from Coach. What do you think? Would you wear this come Spring?

10 Hudson yards, Coach showroom

Studded platform shoes, coach spring summer 2017 collection

Southwestern Coach Spring Summer 2017 collection

Coach Spring Summer 2017 Poncho

Coach spring summer 2017 collection western theme

Coach Spring Summer 2017 studded purses

Coach showroom Spring Summer 2017 Fringe leather jacket

Coach spring Summer 17 New York Fashion Week Showroom look

Coach showroom 10 Hudson yards, Spring Summer 2017 collection leather jacket

Shop their Fall Winter collection below:


  1. Wow! Coach is really going for it. I loved reading about the inspiration behind the collection. It’s definitely more fun and whimsical than what I have seen before from this brand. Thanks for sharing! XO

    Janea | theSTYLetti

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